Global Recon

Welcome to the Global Recon Podcast! Hosted by John Hendricks. Mr. Hendricks sits down with American Intelligence professionals, and American Special Operations personnel to discuss a wide variety of subjects. These topics include historical events, current events, medicine, and geopolitics. Enjoy.

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GRP 22 Realities Of War, Ronin Tactics, MACV - SOG

GRP 22- On this episode we have two special guest…


 2016-04-19  1h20m

GRP 21 North American Rescue, DJ Struntz, Ramadi, Zero Foxtrot

GRP 21-On this episode two interviews were conduc…


 2016-04-13  59m

GRP 20 Army Snipers, Ramadi, Kixeye Gaming, Webinars

Army Snipers, Ramadi, Kixeye Gaming, Webinars G…


 2016-04-06  1h16m

GRP 19 Special Forces Generations, MACV - SOG War Story, Recondo School

GRP 19-On this episode we have Mike Stahl, and Mi…


 2016-04-02  1h1m

GRP 18 50th Anniversary Of The Vietnam War, MACV - SOG War Story

GRP 18-Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Vi…


 2016-03-30  37m

GRP 17 Australian Special Forces, Executive Leadership Training, Survival Webinar

GRP 17-We’ve been getting email’s and messages on…


 2016-03-25  51m

GRP 16 MACV - SOG, Rucking Raiders, Operators

GRP 16- This is a very special episode for severa…


 2016-03-21  1h10m

GRP 15 War Stories, Webinar's, Survival

GRP 15-On this episode we give more details on th…


 2016-03-18  25m

GRP 14 Benghazi , Women In Combat, Bureaucracy, Webinars

GRP 14-On this episode Me and Mike discuss events…


 2016-03-12  1h3m

GRP 13 Wounded Warfighters, Never Quit, Special Forces

We have the honor and privilege of having Jared B…


 2016-03-08  39m