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" Kelly is the 'professional leader' personified. Her commitment to her clients as well as her focus on getting them the results they strive for is unwavering. Simply put, she was born to coach and lead!" -Chris Ducker - Founder, Her Christian CEO Podcast provides today’s most inspiring, actionable, and successful biblical marketing strategies and Life Application by Kelly Baader and her fellow experts. Tune in weekly, so you can be inspired and empowered to earn more, serve more, and give more! The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, Dan Miller, John Lee Dumas, Nir Eyal, and many more. For more actionable and result-driven marketing tips, visit Remember: You Matter!

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episode 156: How to Support Working Parents – 3 Tips from a Maternal Mental Health Expert

#156: Are you looking how to manage your work/home life especially after having a baby? Especially as women, it can be stressful to juggle everything we do between home and work, not to mention the added stress of having a baby. That's why today's guest, Dr...



episode 155: Debunking Common Myths About Nutrition for Female Entrepreneurs

#155: Debunking Common Myths About Nutrition for Female Entrepreneurs As entrepreneurs, sometimes we are so focused on planning the business and what comes next, we neglect to do the same process to our own nutrition and health. We feel that having to eat can be put aside sometimes because we just need to finish one more email and hours later remember that we're hungry...



episode 154: Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

#154: Are you interested in copyrighting or trademarking your brand/program, but aren't sure where to start or what the difference is? As entrepreneurs, sometimes we get so caught up in building the business or working on marketing our program, that we forget about copyrighting or trademarks. Many of us, myself included, may have only thought about it as an afterthought and told myself that I'll look into it later when I have more time...



episode 153: How to Prepare to Market Your Book: Marketing Strategies for Authors

#153: Are you interested in writing a book and/or have written one and are trying to figure out how you will market and sell it? With all the free guides out there about how to self-publish a book, it seems like it's easier and easier to write books and sell them. But, what we often forget is that even before we write a book, we need to think about our audience and who we want to target with this book...



episode 152: Low Ticket Offer vs High Ticket Programs

#152: One of the most commonly asked questions I get from my clients is: Isn't it easier to sell a lower ticket offer than a high ticket program? Today we are going to review the ascension and descension models from our earlier episodes, and the pros and cons of selling a lower ticket offer and a higher ticket offer...


 2021-12-03  11m

episode 151: 3 Key Elements For Your High Ticket Expert Program

#151: Do you feel uncertain about how to level up your business? Today we are going to discuss 3 elements that you need to have in place to increase your conversion rate and work with clients who are better suited for your program. Here's a brief overview of the 3 elements: Proof You need to have a proven record that your clients have reached their goal...


 2021-12-02  10m

episode 150: How to Overcome the Struggle in Pricing Your Program

#150: Do you feel uncertain about how much to charge your clients for your program or want to increase your price, but don't how how much? Today we are going to discuss 2 things that you need to have in order to charge a price that your clients will pay and how to increase it when moving your business to the next level...


 2021-12-01  12m

episode 149: 4 Must-Haves to Succeed Beyond Your Current Level

#149: Are you looking for ways to develop yourself or feel that you are stuck where you are now with your business? Today we are going to discuss how you can succeed beyond your current level with 4 elements and the book by James Clear, Atomic Habits. Here's a brief overview of the 4 elements: Right Growth Mindset It needs to align with your current season in life. Right Knowledge In today's world, we are not short of information...


 2021-11-28  17m

episode 148: 3 Proven Ideas to Improve Enrollment Rate of Sales Conversations

#148: Do you have a tough time trying to close leads during your sales conversations and want to increase enrollment? Today we are going to discuss how you can improve your enrollment rate with these 3 proven ideas that I've used with my clients. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I also wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and say thank you to all of my clients, podcast listeners and fellow entrepreneurs. :) Here's a brief overview of the 3 Ideas: You need to have a pre-buy element in place...


 2021-11-25  24m

episode 147: 4Ds That Will Help You Breakthrough in the Marketplace

#147: Do you have a hard time as a Christian entrepreneur deciding between that line of marketing yourself and your program yet trying not to come across as greedy or not holy? Today we are going to discuss how you can embrace and succeed in your entrepreneurial calling from God. Here's a brief overview of the 4Ds: Delight - Your Ultimate Shortcut to Succeed Meaning of “Delight”: Please someone greatly. How do we please the Lord? Get to know Him first...


 2021-11-24  25m