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" Kelly is the 'professional leader' personified. Her commitment to her clients as well as her focus on getting them the results they strive for is unwavering. Simply put, she was born to coach and lead!" -Chris Ducker - Founder, Her Christian CEO Podcast provides today’s most inspiring, actionable, and successful biblical marketing strategies and Life Application by Kelly Baader and her fellow experts. Tune in weekly, so you can be inspired and empowered to earn more, serve more, and give more! The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, Dan Miller, John Lee Dumas, Nir Eyal, and many more. For more actionable and result-driven marketing tips, visit Remember: You Matter!

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episode 96: Kingdom Leader's Journey in the Marketplace with Michelle Mays

#96: Have you heard God's call to start a business and are unsure on how to to take action on God's call for your business?  If so, I'd like to introduce to you, Michelle Mays! After working for 8 years as an executive assistant in corporate America, Michelle switched careers and used those planning skills to start her own business as the Chief Concierge for luxury wedding planning in New York. Not exactly the most conventional way to start a business either...



episode 95: Running a Faith Based Business with Jaime Cross

#95: Have you heard God's call to start a business and are unsure on how to proceed? If so, I'd like to introduce to you, Jaime Cross! Two years after leaving her corporate banking career to be home with her newborn son, Jaime had a longing to build a meaningful empire driven by purpose and global impact. Earnestly seeking direction, Jaime asked God for a billion dollar idea, and days later saw a business plan in a dream...



episode 94: How to Grow a Nonprofit Organization During Challenging Times

#94: Are you worried about how to keep your nonprofit afloat and are looking for new strategies to keep it growing? If so, look no further! Cindy Bultema is the Executive Director of GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior)—a global ministry and nonprofit organization that is equipping girls to grow strong, secure, and confident in Christ. With over 20 years of ministry experience, Cindy is also a sought-after conference speaker, ministry consultant, leadership trainer, and Bible teacher...



episode 93: Storytelling For Youth

#93: Would you like to equip your youth with the skills necessary to master storytelling with videos and develop their critical thinking skills? Clement Townsend has covered the Super Bowl, an NBA All-Star game, three College Football National Championship Games, the NCAA Basketball tournament, and so much more for 17 years as a sports broadcaster. But before all of that? He grew up in a working class neighborhood with the ambition and drive to succeed and make his own mark...


 2020-08-18  27m

episode 92: How to Thrive in Challenging Times with Kelly Baader

#92: Here are 8 keys on how to continue thriving in this chaotic time that we live in and are applicable to not just your business, but all areas of life! Key Lessons from this episode:Why accountability is so important Why we cannot move forward alone Why it's important to celebrate wins - both big and small Plus 5 other keys on how to continually push yourself to be the best version of you! Important Links & Mentions in this episode: ( (https://kellybaader...


 2020-07-28  26m

episode 91: Create Content that Converts

#91: Here are 4 steps on how to create meaningful free content that will resonate with your target audience and convert them to your paid programs Key Lessons from this episode:Why are you creating free content Why transformations occur after transactions 4 steps on how to create small teasers of paid content and market them efficiently to your target audience ( Important Links & Mentions in this episode: (https://kellybaader...


 2020-07-15  12m

episode 90: How to Get Your Customers to Complete the Course with Dr Carrie Rose

#90: Today, I am interviewing Dr Carrie Rose - How she  overcame her learning disabilities and became inspired to find a better way of learning for children and adults alike! We chatted about her methods and tips to engage with her clients which contributes to her 96% completion course rate...


 2020-06-16  44m

episode 89: The Power of One Framework Success Story with Katrina Douglas

#89: Today, I am interviewing Katrina Douglas - How she was able to move past her stumbling blocks and grow her business successfully! We chatted about her journey and how she has changed while using the Power of One Framework...


 2020-06-09  53m

episode 88: God's Blueprint for Your Life with Don Long

#88: Today, I am interviewing Don Long - How to unlock the God-given blueprint for your life! We chatted about his journey as a serial entrepreneur and how he received his calling to write his first book, which has gone on to impact more people than he imagined around the world...


 2020-06-02  40m

episode 87: Fix This Next with Mike Michalowicz

#87: Today, I am interviewing Mike Michalowicz - How to identify the next steps to growing your business! We chatted about the release of his latest book: Fix This Next and how anyone can use his theories to build up their business in this unstable time...


 2020-05-26  25m