Laufen und Leben

Du brennst dafür, den nächsten Schritt zu wagen, weißt aber nicht genau wie. In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles darum, was es braucht, um deine nächsten Laufziele zu erreichen. Du bekommst Tipps und Ressourcen an die Hand, die dir auch helfen, dein Leben leichter zu gestalten, zu mehr Zufriedenheit zu finden und dabei jede Menge Mut, Selbstvertrauen und Leichtigkeit für dein Leben zu gewinnen.

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Anna Hughes - The sad truth about balance and how to improve your life

Balance, a rather overused buzz word. Aiming to help us with more ease and - balance.  But what is balance? Pretty much all year, I´ve been in conflict with trying to keep and lead a balanced life.  Attempting to spend equal amounts of time on training, my business, family life and my relationship.  An impossible task to fulfil leading to burn-out, resentment and frustration.  Motivation for training sucked.  I became very impatient and couldn´t quite understand why...


 2017-08-28  30m

Anna Hughes - So wirst du in der Ebene fit am Berg

Eine Frage, die immer wieder berechtigterweise auftaucht, ist: Wie mache ich mich fit für den Berg, wenn ich im Flachland wohne? Immer beliebter werden und sind bereits die Trail-Läufe, die es mit vielen Höhenmetern in sich haben. Gerade diese Läufe üben einen besonderen Reiz aus, denn die Herausforderung zu bewältigen, erfordert nicht nur körperliche Fitness, sondern auch die mentale Bereitschaft, einige Hürden auf dem Weg zu überwinden...


 2017-07-21  25m

Anna Hughes - On race nutrition and how to prevent stomach issues

Eating and drinking in training and in races can be a real science. If you decide to make it one.  Today, I´m shining the light on a topic that is on the one side, very individual and on the other, something where some guidelines can indeed work for most endurance athletes.  I share my personal experience from last week´s ultra marathon where I ran for 11 hours and put another experience in the books.  Where no stomach issues played a role.  Where I could perfectly sustain my energy levels...


 2017-07-05  18m

Anna Hughes - On balancing training and how to sustain excellent health

Time to shake things up a bit in the best sense. After carefully observing the endurance running scene, talking to athletes and in my work as a coach it´s more than obvious that many people struggle to juggle their running training, recovery, relationships, health and careers. It is a huge undertaking if you´re an ambitious runner that wants to take performance to the next level...


 2017-06-25  30m

Jamie and Larissa Miralles - What it takes to design the live you´ve always imagined

This conversation is different. It has nothing to do with endurance running but a different kind of endurance needed if you want to pursue your vision as an entrepreneur – and succeed. The road has not always been smooth for Jamie Miralles as he speaks from his experience when he first started setting up his first online business. Imagine, this was back in 1997 where it had all just started selling services online...


 2017-05-28  1h32m

Anna Hughes - 3 easy ways to more confidence and mastering challenges with more ease

Just tell yourself a different story and you´ll feel confident? Rings a bell in your head? So often we´re told to just be strong, good, showing up as the best when can be.  But what if you feel the opposite and all you want is hide? All those techniques just  don´t seem to work? You doubt yourself, your abilities. And everyone else around you seems to be doing so much better than you.  You´re not the problem. And there is nothing wrong with you...


 2017-05-04  17m

Anna Hughes - Your questions answered

This is a different episode where I answer your most pressing questions on training, nutrition and mindset. All that concerns improving your life as an athlete.  I frequently get asked questions so I decided to answer them in a podcast instead in order to serve you better. I could have gone on for much longer but decided to keep it with a couple of very specific questions...


 2017-04-09  25m

Walt Hampton and Ann Sheybani - On time mastery, how to build confidence and a client-attracting business to enjoy freedom and a fun-filled life

This is a different kind of conversation. A talk about entrepreneurship, tackling difficult and challenging times in business, overcoming obstacles, building confidence, enduring in extreme rock and ice climbing and a quiet life in Ireland. I invited a real power couple onto the show, Walt Hampton and Ann Sheybani. Both are highly successful entrepreneurs, endurance athletes and thought leaders. I first „met“ Ann back in 2011...


 2017-04-03  2h3m

Richard Bowles - How a normal guy with a radically different view shakes up the world of extreme adventure running setting world records on the way

We all are  uniquely different. Just how do your turn your strenghts into success? What started as a fun run to shed some pounds lit the fire to evolve into a super accomplished extreme adventurer.   Looking at Richard Bowles, setting new standards in the world of extreme ultra mountain and trail running, you´d think it´s all genetics, talent and maybe luck to be able to pull off many world records.   But it´s that not in Richard´s eyes. When you look at him, he looks like a normal guy...


 2017-03-26  n/a

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld - The rising of a dedicated athlete turning a simple idea into the greatest successes

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld – how a simple idea helped her rise to winning the Desert Grand Slam Title and going beyond your wildest imagination. I´ve heard of Anne-Marie in a magazine article years ago. She had just won the Grand Slam title and made it into the club of the first German woman ever to finish all four Racing The Planet desert races within one year. Not only that, she won every single race of the series without ever having had an ultra marathon running experience before...


 2017-03-19  1h57m