Laufen und Leben

Du brennst dafür, den nächsten Schritt zu wagen, weißt aber nicht genau wie. In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles darum, was es braucht, um deine nächsten Laufziele zu erreichen. Du bekommst Tipps und Ressourcen an die Hand, die dir auch helfen, dein Leben leichter zu gestalten, zu mehr Zufriedenheit zu finden und dabei jede Menge Mut, Selbstvertrauen und Leichtigkeit für dein Leben zu gewinnen.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 22m. Bisher sind 178 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 4 days 6 hours 31 minutes


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This is a different kind of conversation. A talk about entrepreneurship, tackling difficult and challenging times in business, overcoming obstacles, building confidence, enduring in extreme rock and ice climbing and a quiet life in Ireland. I invited a real power couple onto the show, Walt Hampton and Ann Sheybani. Both are highly successful entrepreneurs, endurance athletes and thought leaders. I first „met“ Ann back in 2011...


 2017-04-03  2h3m

Richard Bowles - How a normal guy with a radically different view shakes up the world of extreme adventure running setting world records on the way

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 2017-03-26  n/a

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld - The rising of a dedicated athlete turning a simple idea into the greatest successes

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld – how a simple idea helped her rise to winning the Desert Grand Slam Title and going beyond your wildest imagination. I´ve heard of Anne-Marie in a magazine article years ago. She had just won the Grand Slam title and made it into the club of the first German woman ever to finish all four Racing The Planet desert races within one year. Not only that, she won every single race of the series without ever having had an ultra marathon running experience before...


 2017-03-19  1h57m

Bryon Powell - Former attorney turns his passion into profession impacting the worldwide ultra running community like nobody else

It´s been another great episode of my podcast, filled with so many insights on entrepreneuership and persisting on the journey to turning passion into profession. Bryon Powell, former attorney in Washington D.C. quit his stable 9-5 to go on a quest to dedicate his time, energy and money to serving the fast-growing community of ultra marathoners worldwide...


 2017-03-11  2h0m

Deborah Ann Corbin - Extract your greatness from your hardest times

I feel humbled and extremely honored to introduce you to another special guest on the show - Deborah Ann Corbin. It´s a conversation about life, setting yourself up for success, entrepreneurship and how the most challenging times in life can be turned into your greatest strengths.  I´ve known Deborah for only a year and a half, all through the virtual space. Our paths crossed in one of the many entrepreneurial facebook groups for women...


 2017-03-03  1h57m

Charlie Engle - The Running Man on conquering addiction and his pursuit of self-improvement through extreme running challenges

Charlie´s Engle´s story goes beyond the remarkable accomplishments of his running career such as the Raid Gauloises, Running the Sahara covering 4500 miles in 111 days, his famous run across America, multiple top finishes at the 135-mile long Badwater ultra marathon and running the 4 deserts race. It´s the story of a man with a heart of gold. Somebody who truly lives by his values and continuously strives to be a better father, husband and son...


 2017-02-25  1h45m

Jens Naehler - Part 2 - from smoking and drinking to accomplished vegan ultra runner

In the second part of my conversation with Jens he talks about his passion and love for dogs and what lead him and his wife to creating a platform for dogs in need for a new home.  He´s certainly somebody who doesn´t settle for less than achieving what he´s set out to do. Always finding himself do things for the greater good.  Trying or hoping things will work out or starting in small steps to bring on change is not Jens´ thing...


 2017-02-17  1h44m

Jens Naehler - Part 1 - from smoking and drinking to accomplished vegan ultra runner

My first guest is fellow German ultra runner Jens Nähler who is not only a great ultra runner; he also runs sub 3-hr marathons. In day-to-day life, Jens works long hours in he chief editing department of a large publishing company, lives with his wife and dog in Germany and has a big heart for dogs who suffer helping them find a new home...


 2017-02-04  1h15m