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Yet another podcast from and for geeky enthusiasts of obscure 50's americana records. By Highfalutin' Mama and Mighty Mischka | https://gollygoshohgee.de


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episode 54: Too Many Teardrops

...these, among other things, were the reasons for a seemingly eternal break that we took from this podacsting thing. But don't worry, nothing has changed - here are some more goodies in bad condition. Just like us | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de



episode 53: Nila and Samura

No, the title doesn't make any sense at all, but these names sound like you should expect the extra extravagant exotica excursion that this show isn't really. However, you can expect a bunch of great 45s - promoting suicide, superstition and smoking cornsilks. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 August 9, 2023  1h9m

episode 52: Delicious!

Uh huh! More delicious platters without any food theme, for you connoisseurs of melodic meals served on raw wax with spicy crackle. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 July 17, 2023  1h13m

episode 51: Fan It!

A bad sunburn would have been a good excuse to mix these great, silly, weird, dark, and not-so-hot records, but that's just the way we've always done it. Tears won't make the cotton grow - but they make good songs! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 June 20, 2023  1h6m

episode 50: Wrinkles

Things gettin rough! Is it ok to get wrinkles at 50? I mean episodes... of this messy radioshow-a-like disaster. Here's another mixed bag of crackly coolness and tough teenagers on 45. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 May 29, 2023  1h14m

episode 49: Stormy

Nah, it's not a real stormy show. More like a fresh breeze of overlooked oddities and outstanding one-offs. And remember: don't make the same mistakes that fools make every day! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 May 2, 2023  1h15m

episode 48: Fill The Hole

Back after filling holes in teeth and record boxes, we're back to play voodoo on the opposite sex and some delicious pizza shaped sound carriers. Comprende!? | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 March 27, 2023  1h17m

episode 47: Run Away From Love!

So of course on a date like this it's time to talk about slaves, lynching and hanging. Even Batman is speechless and some hipster fights the devil with a flute. There you go, sweetie! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 February 14, 2023  1h20m

episode 46: Trouble

You're looking for trouble? You came the right place! After a mighty long delay, we're back to torture you with an energy package of satanic finger poppin'. And we tried to have more music and less talking... We tried! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 January 18, 2023  1h40m

episode 45: Packin' To Groove

Since we've been gone for a little longer than unsual, you might have expected us to prepare a 45th show full of monster 45s. Instead we got you some LP-only material on 33 | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 September 19, 2022  1h12m