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Yet another podcast from and for geeky enthusiasts of obscure 50's americana records. By Highfalutin' Mama and Mighty Mischka | https://gollygoshohgee.de


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episode 32: Go Ape! With special guest: Sheik Inkhazi

Yes it's true! We have friends! And he came to visit! For the very first time we have a special mystery guest: Nobody will ever know the identity of Sheik Inkhazi, but everyone will enjoy his fine black gold! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de



episode 31: Join The Society

Come on and join the society for the prevention of organized quality radio presentation! A good record is hard to find - that's why we haven't got many of those today. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de



episode 30: Doomsday

What the heck! There were too many doomsdays since the last show, so we were walking our blues away and share some of that with you. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-08-30  1h15m

episode 29: Usta Be The Fool

But he ain't no mo'! Why'd you leave me? Here's a little tribute, and a little more dot'n'colt 45s | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-07-26  1h11m

episode 28: Naughty Punkanilla

Four Johnnys and one Bobby done gone on a lonely island, getting their thrills loading coal. The joke ends here | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-07-13  1h10m

episode 27: Bad Company

...is what you got when we have to teach you the karate. Here's the usual bunch of random 45s, some with free extra bonus crackle'n'pop! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-06-14  1h16m

episode 26: A Thing Of The Past!

and that thing is about dead women in a well, dead husbands in the market, and somebody - not dead yet, playing russian roulette. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-05-24  1h16m

episode 25: A preacher walks into a pawnshop...

...that's how a bad joke would start. The joke ends with a chaotic radioshow, proclamating everything from human's emancipation to the waddle! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-05-03  1h21m

episode 24: Wolf boys with goatees!

...and more attractions that make you creep into your crypt and die. Like the fly. And the fire of love. And everything around the mushroom cloud. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-04-12  1h14m

episode 23: The Sound... Imperfection

Looks like we accidentally travelled 10000 miles 'cross the mountains with this episode, playing small label 45s from all over the place, that were skyrocketing the charts of the whole entire town! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 2021-03-28  1h18m