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Yet another podcast from and for geeky enthusiasts of obscure 50's americana records. By Highfalutin' Mama and Mighty Mischka | https://gollygoshohgee.de


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episode 44: Super than Superman

Half asleep in a food coma, we weren't actually super in doing this show. But this monday's fools also brought some folky folks among the usual crackly cats. Duliabababa-zoink-zoink! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 August 15, 2022  1h13m

episode 43: Hot Day In July

Something's going on in my room, and that's some mighty hot air. So the big little man and one of his fifteen girlfriends waited for the black night to get some hot guitars mixed up. An inferno of stupidity, as usual | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 July 25, 2022  1h15m

episode 42: If i was a plumber...

...i wouldn't cut timber on a windy day or spin records on a hot summer day. Unlike your TV mama and radio papa, who mess it all up again. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 July 6, 2022  1h11m

episode 41: Codine

Just open your ears, throw in a handful of pleasant tasting records, and all your sorrows and pains will disappear | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 June 13, 2022  1h25m

episode 40: I Mean Whoa Back Buck!

and i don't mean whee feature the very special no-JesterWild-no-special! So if you came for that, all you get is even more records and more of our annoying talk. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 May 9, 2022  1h18m

episode 39: The Big Egg

It's this year's easter challenge is to find hidden gems, Hawaiian 45s, big foot and some uranium. You get a much less depressing episode than last time, with only one crying guitar involved! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 April 18, 2022  1h15m

episode 38: Destroy What Destroys You!

While peoples lives are being destroyed, we hear the songs that remind us of what we all should have destroyed long ago instead. So this is a sad but uncensored episode full of killers against killing | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 March 22, 2022  1h23m

episode 37: Run Come See!

Again, we knock knock knock you off your feet and John off his surfboard... with anything from crackly crap to monumental masterpieces! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 February 14, 2022  1h18m

episode 36: Man vs. Fly

WHAT IF?!... this title has no particular meaning?! What if we will bang you with another random spinout with our latest hub caps? | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 January 20, 2022  1h16m

episode 35: The Lonely One

Yes, that's me: Mighty Mischka doing a show by myself on new years eve. You'll hear much better noise than the fireworks outside, including some LP-only stuff, but unfortunately you won't hear that funny lady's voice this time. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 December 31, 2021  1h13m