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Yet another podcast from and for geeky enthusiasts of obscure 50's americana records. By Highfalutin' Mama and Mighty Mischka | https://gollygoshohgee.de


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episode 34: Cocky Cowboys

So here's this year's last show before Miss Highfalutin' Mama takes off for a visit to her old home. You get the usual bunch of random nonsense... like the kinda stuff you get for xmas | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 November 29, 2021  1h18m

episode 33: From Beyond The Edge Of Time

We just noticed that todays titles tell a weird story on their own. If we hadn't been distracted by the greatness of the 45s, we could probably write a book about atomic bombs, aliens, pills, whiskey, taxes, welfare, minimum wage, misery... and one little baby. What a nightmare! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 November 9, 2021  1h18m

episode 32: Go Ape! With special guest: Sheik Inkhazi

Yes it's true! We have friends! And he came to visit! For the very first time we have a special mystery guest: Nobody will ever know the identity of Sheik Inkhazi, but everyone will enjoy his fine black gold! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 October 11, 2021  1h30m

episode 31: Join The Society

Come on and join the society for the prevention of organized quality radio presentation! A good record is hard to find - that's why we haven't got many of those today. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 September 20, 2021  1h16m

episode 30: Doomsday

What the heck! There were too many doomsdays since the last show, so we were walking our blues away and share some of that with you. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 August 30, 2021  1h15m

episode 29: Usta Be The Fool

But he ain't no mo'! Why'd you leave me? Here's a little tribute, and a little more dot'n'colt 45s | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 July 26, 2021  1h11m

episode 28: Naughty Punkanilla

Four Johnnys and one Bobby done gone on a lonely island, getting their thrills loading coal. The joke ends here | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 July 13, 2021  1h10m

episode 27: Bad Company

...is what you got when we have to teach you the karate. Here's the usual bunch of random 45s, some with free extra bonus crackle'n'pop! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 June 14, 2021  1h16m

episode 26: A Thing Of The Past!

and that thing is about dead women in a well, dead husbands in the market, and somebody - not dead yet, playing russian roulette. | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 May 24, 2021  1h16m

episode 25: A preacher walks into a pawnshop...

...that's how a bad joke would start. The joke ends with a chaotic radioshow, proclamating everything from human's emancipation to the waddle! | Website: https://gollygoshohgee.de


 May 3, 2021  1h21m