Gone Medieval

From long-lost Viking ships to kings buried in unexpected places; from murders and power politics, to myths, religion, the lives of ordinary people: Gone Medieval is History Hit’s podcast dedicated to the middle ages, in Europe and far beyond. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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episode 13: White Ship Disaster

During the night of the 25 November in 1120, a routine crossing of the English Channel went catastrophically wrong. The White Ship disaster saw approximately 300 people perish, including King Henry I’s only legitimate son and heir. Charles Spencer talk...


 2021-06-26  42m

episode 12: The Berserkers

To go berserk, meaning out of control with anger or excitement: the phrase originates from stories of the Berserkers, but what do we really know about them? Dangerous to friend or foe, the Berserkers are said to have fought feuds in the nude or even to...


 2021-06-22  29m

episode 11: John of Gaunt

Born in 1340 as the younger brother of the Black Prince, John of Gaunt's life is captivating. John was a brave leader, first setting foot on the battlefield at the age of 10. Later, as one of the richest men in the country, he would uphold chivalr...


 2021-06-19  44m

episode 10: Sex in the Middle Ages

Despite being a key part of society and everyday life, medieval sexuality was probably left out of your history lessons at school. But how much do we really know about these very private aspects of life in the Middle Ages? Dr Cat Jarman is joined by hi...


 2021-06-15  31m

episode 9: Medieval Africa

It’s no secret that Africa’s early history is documented quite differently from its European counterparts, relying instead on elements such as oral traditions and art. Anthropologist and historian, Luke Pepera, studies the true histories, mythologies, ...


 2021-06-12  35m

episode 8: Viking Raid on Lindisfarne

1228 years ago, on June 8 793, Vikings attacked a monastic settlement on the island of Lindisfarne. This raid had such an impact across Europe that despite there being no archaeological evidence for it, only literary sources, it is still remembered tod...


 2021-06-08  28m

episode 7: Mythbusting Medieval Buildings

From spiral stairs, to tunnels leading to pubs and brothels, to witch markings; join us as we find out the truth about medieval buildings. Matt is accompanied by archaeologist and architectural historian James Wright to debunk the myths.


 2021-06-05  54m

Slaves, Gold & Ivory: East African Trade Routes

Long before Atlantic trade routes became established East Africa had strong connections with the wider world, trading across the Indian Ocean and into Asia. Professor Mark Horton has been leading research projects in East Africa for over forty years. I...


 2021-06-01  33m

Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior

In many ways, Empress Matilda can be seen as a pawn of the men in her world. Sent away aged eight to match with the Holy Roman Emperor, she represented status for her father and money for her intended. However, Matilda was independent, intelligent, edu...


 2021-05-29  43m

episode 4: Mysteries of Cerne Abbas Giant

It's not often a discovery shocks archeologists, but the revelation that the Cerne Abbas Giant could've been created in the late Saxon period has surprised many. In this episode Cat Jarman speaks with the person who was in charge of ...


 2021-05-25  31m