Gone Medieval

From long-lost Viking ships to kings buried in unexpected places; from murders and power politics, to myths, religion, the lives of ordinary people: Gone Medieval is History Hit’s podcast dedicated to the middle ages, in Europe and far beyond. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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The Picts and their Language

Cat Jarman talks to Dr. Guto Rhys about the Picts communicated, and what new insights are emerging from the latest research.


 2023-01-10  33m

The Death of Edward II

Edward II died at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, on 21 September 1327. Or did he? Matt Lewis sifts through the evidence with Edward II’s biographer Kathryn Warner.


 2023-01-07  42m

Vikings in Poland

What kind of presence did the Vikings have in Poland? And what was the connection between the region and King Harald Bluetooth?


 2023-01-03  38m

Vikings: Surviving Winter

Vikings are often depicted as fearless warriors, but they were not immune to the harsh realities of northern weather. How did they adapt to the unforgiving ice and snow?


 2022-12-27  34m

The Real 'Good King Wenceslas'

Who was the real historic figure and was he as pious and saintly as the Christmas song suggests?


 2022-12-20  24m

Finding Richard III

Philippa Langley talks about her amazing story, locating the grave of Richard III beneath a Leicester car park.


 2022-12-17  41m

Battle of Maldon

Dr. Cat Jarman finds out more about a fragment of Old English poetry that depicts one of the defining conflicts of 10th century England.


 2022-12-13  29m

Origins of Carols

Matt Lewis discovers that Medieval carols were not just for Christmas but could be sung in different settings all your round.


 2022-12-10  30m

Cult of St. Swithun

Why has Swithun's historical importance as an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester been overshadowed by his reputation as a miracle worker?


 2022-12-06  40m

Jews in Medieval England

How does research into Jewish moneylending activities shed a fascinating light on the life of Jews in Medieval England, and the outbreaks of persecution against them?


 2022-12-03  32m