Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes is a podcast about - well - jokes, and the people who tell them. Each week, a comedian will play one of their jokes and then break it down with Senior Editor Jesse David Fox.

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episode 62: Howie Mandel on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

This week's Good One features Howie Mandel! Celebrated stand up comedian and TV host, Howie got his start at the Comedy Store in LA in the late '70s. He's known for roles in St. Elsewhere, Bobby's World, Deal or No Deal, America's Got Talent, and so much more. You can stream his podcast, Howie Mandel Does Stuff, wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Howie on Twitter and on Instagram. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices...


 2021-04-29  1h21m

episode 61: James Acaster's Great British Bake Off

This week, host Jesse David Fox sits down with English comedian James Acaster. James has a record breaking number of consecutive nominations for Best Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a four hour stand up mini series named Repertoire, and in 2019 completed an insanely long tour for his most recent and hugely successful show, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999. He and Jesse dissect a ~20 minute story from this newest special regarding James's infamous stint on the Great British Bake Off...


 2021-04-22  2h13m

episode 60: Kenan Thompson’s Lavar Ball Impression (Rerun)

Kenan Thompson and collaborator Bryan Tucker have been working on SNL together for years. In August 2017, they debuted Kenan’s take on NBA personality Lavar Ball. It went over so well that the impression returned for three additional Weekend Updates. Jesse asks Kenan and Bryan about how they come up with their best work that spans 16 seasons of SNL. Watch Kenan and SNL on NBC or stream them on Peacock. Follow Kenan Thompson on Twitter and on Instagram. Follow Bryan Tucker on Twitter...


 2021-04-15  1h13m

episode 59: Jamie Lee's Marriage

Today's guest is Jamie Lee: stand-up comedian, actor and established television writer/producer known for starring as Ali Reissen, the female lead in the second season of the Judd Apatow-produced HBO series Crashing, opposite Pete Holmes...


 2021-04-08  1h26m

episode 58: "Women In Comedy" with Kathryn VanArendonk

On this episode of Good One, host Jesse David Fox sits down with Vulture staff writer Kathryn VanArendonk to talk about the idea of "women in comedy" as a concept. This comes as a response to FX's new documentary about—you guessed it—women in comedy: Hysterical. Watch Hysterical on FX April 2nd, and on Hulu thereafter. You can follow Kathryn VanArendonk on Twitter. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2021-04-01  1h5m

episode 57: Margaret Cho's Asian Chicken Salad

On this week’s episode of Good One, host Jesse David Fox sits down with the legendary Margaret Cho! A San Francisco-bred comic, Cho started her career at just 14. Now nearly 40 years later, Margaret is not only a household name, but as Jesse sees it, “one of the most important comedians of the last 30 years.” Together, the two chat about the recent violence against Asians and Asian-Americans in America, the comedy scene in the 80s and 90s, and making samurai faces...


 2021-03-25  1h11m

Nate Bargatze's Dead Horse (Rerun)

Nate Bargatze is one of the the few comedians whose funniness Jesse couldn't fully put his finger on. He wrote about Nate's Dead Horse joke in April 2018 after Nate performed a shortened version of it on Jimmy Fallon. It was an atypical joke for late night not only because of the length of the joke, but because it was a story about an actual dead horse. But Nate pulled it off, and he pulled it off again in his 2019 Netflix special The Tennessee Kid...


 2021-03-18  1h22m

episode 55: Fortune Feimster's Hooters

This week’s guest is none other than writer and stand up Fortune Feimster. Fortune made her TV debut on Last Comic Standing in 2010, and is known for roles in The Mindy Project, Office Christmas Party, and the upcoming Netflix film Yes Day. Fortune sat down with host Jesse David Fox to chat about Hooters, growing up in the south, and sharing her coming out story on stage. You can watch Sweet and Salty on Netflix. You can watch Yes Day on Netflix starting March 12th...


 2021-03-11  1h22m

episode 54: Dennis Feitosa's Def Noodles

This month, host Jesse David Fox dives into a world he’s never been before… Youtube. More specifically, Youtube drama/tea channels.  So to help, Jesse sits down with stand up, sketch, and improv comedian Dennis Feitosa. In addition to giving Jesse a quick Youtube explainer, Dennis breaks down his successful parody Youtube commentary/drama/news/tea channel, and the character he created at the center of it all: a UCLA student and/or cat called Def Noodles. You can watch Def Noodles on Youtube...


 2021-03-04  1h23m

episode 53: Brian Regan's Reading

This week, host Jesse David Fox sits down with stand-up comedian Brian Regan. In the business for 40 years, Brian is known for his observational & squeaky clean comedy. Jesse and Brian chat about "dumb" comedy, connecting with audiences right away, and OCD. You can listen to the Epitome of Hyperbole wherever you stream music, or rent it on VOD. You can stream On the Rocks on Netflix. Follow Brian on Twitter and on Instagram. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram...


 2021-02-25  1h28m