Good Seats Still Available

“Good Seats Still Available” is a curious little podcast devoted to the exploration of what used-to-be in professional sports. Each week, host Tim Hanlon interviews former players, owners, broadcasters, beat reporters, and surprisingly famous "super fans" of teams and leagues that have come and gone - in an attempt to unearth some of the most wild and woolly moments in (often forgotten) sports history.

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episode 181: Columbus' IHL Hockey Heritage - With Eric Weltner

Little did we know when we dropped our minor league hockey tribute to the 1990s ECHL Columbus Chill in our earlier this year that it would not only become our most listened-to episode of 2020 (so far), but would also unearth a project devoted to the...



episode 180: Washington NFL Football's "R-Word" - With Rich King

Columbia College Chicago cultural studies professor Rich King () joins the podcast this week to discuss the roots and long-simmering backstory of the Washington NFL football franchise's problematic - and now former - nickname. Investigative reporter...



episode 179: WHA Hockey "Lost & Found" - With Dennis Murphy

If we ever get around to creating a Good Seats Still Available "Hall of Fame," this week's return guest will most certainly be part of its inaugural class of inductees. Dennis Murphy (“”) is a bona fide legend in sports entrepreneurial circles - a...



episode 178: "PF's Tape Recorder" - With P.F. Wilson (Vacation Special)

We steal away for a little summer vacation time this week - but not before sitting down for a massively enjoyable interview with fellow defunct sports enthusiast and long-time friend-of-the-show - as a guest on his comedy-tinged podcast "." P.F....



episode 177: The (Original) Winnipeg Jets – With Curtis Walker

We cross the virtual border northward this week to obsess about the original incarnation of hockey's Winnipeg Jets - with author/team completist Curtis Walker (""; ""). One of the twelve founding franchises in the upstart World Hockey Association's...


 2020-08-17  1h14m

episode 176: The Continental Indoor Soccer League – With Ronnie Weinstein

By popular demand, former Los Angeles Lazers president and guest Ronnie Weinstein returns for an eagerly-awaited "part two" conversation about his sojourn through professional indoor soccer - this time centered on the intriguing story of the...


 2020-08-10  1h50m

episode 175: Cycling's Tour de Trump – With Peter Nye

Cycling writer/historian Peter Nye () joins the podcast this week to help us understand the long and curious backstory behind the 1989 launch of the Tour de Trump - a major world-class cycling event that, for a brief period, aspired to become the...


 2020-08-03  1h36m

episode 174: WUSA, WPS & NWSL Soccer – With Beau Dure

As the National Women's Soccer League concludes its deftly assembled 2020 Challenge Cup tournament (with congrats to the Houston Dash on their first-ever major trophy), we enlist sportswriter/soccer insider Beau Dure ("") to help us make sense of the...


 2020-07-27  1h46m

episode 173: Ontario Speedway, The International Race of Champions & More – With Dave Lockton

Longtime sports/information technology entrepreneur/executive Dave Lockton joins this week to discuss his managerial adventures in the geographically fragmented and provincially fractious auto racing scene of the late 1960s/early 1970s – including...


 2020-07-20  1h30m

episode 172: The Forgotten Pro Teams of New Orleans – With Nick Weldon

We point our GPS coordinates this week to the endearingly enigmatic city of New Orleans, for an overdue look into the Big Easy’s chaotic pro sports franchise history – with Historic New Orleans Collection writer (and recovering sports scribe) Nick...


 2020-07-13  1h22m