Great Shot, Kid!

Join John and Mike for an examination of the artists responsible for your favorite film, and their work both inside and out of franchises.

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The Phantom Special Edition

In a special cross-over event, ​Mike and John discuss what a "Phantom Menace Special Edition" would look like, at the same age as "A New Hope" was when it was released as a Special Edition. What would change? What would stay the same? Which impulses...


 2019-01-28  35m

Season 2 Teaser: 2018 in Review

​Mike and John are back! This Season 2 Teaser is everything you want from this dynamic duo: A debate about what they put on their 2018 Top Ten lists, and a discussion about their work on "RetroPerspective," also on The Nerd Party!


 2019-01-14  1h5m

Mike Drives John Unsane

This week follows up from last week's show as John (@kesseljunkie) and Mike (@mumbles3k) discuss Steven Soderbergh's Unsane, a film shot on an iPhone. They discuss what this did for the film, what it could mean for how big budget films are made,...


 2018-07-21  40m

Snyder, Mangold, Johnson & Rancorous Fans

James Mangold came out swinging on Twitter, declaring that fans behaving like jerks will ensure that auteurs steer clear of the big franchises. He cited the treatment of Rian Johnson online as a prime example. John and Mike look further back and...


 2018-07-15  36m

John McTiernan, Billy Dee Williams & What Makes a Director's Cut

?Mike and John discuss the rumor that Billy Dee Williams is returning in Star Wars Episode IX, the original Predator with JCVD, what makes a director's cut, and how to restart John McTiernan's career, which at one point was positively spectacular. The...


 2018-06-23  31m

What We Can Learn from Horror (Especially Halloween) Fans

?Mike and John discuss the new Halloween trailer, but more importantly highlight what fans of this, and every, horror franchise can teach other fan bases about rolling with the punches, accepting failures and moving forward with eternal hope for a new...


 2018-06-16  35m

De Palma, Soderbergh, Nolan & Film Prints

Mike and John discuss Brian De Palma throwing shade at Steven Soderbergh, shooting styles, technological advancements, film presentation experiences, Christopher Nolan's efforts to keep 70mm alive, and whether there really is any magic to film prints....


 2018-06-10  42m

Alternate Cuts We Want & Mike Psychoanalyzes John

Mike (@mumbles3k) and John (@kesseljunkie)  discuss alternate cuts of films they'd like to see - such as Miller & Lord's version of Solo or Edwards' first cut of Rogue One - and then John invites Mike to share his perspective on the "why" of how he...


 2018-06-02  1h23m

Khan, Chase Meridian, The Matrix Reloaded & Clones

Mike and John discuss Nick Meyer's Permanently-in-Development Khan Star Trek TV series, whether Chase Meridian can catch Lou Grant's magic, memories of when the Matrix Reloaded & celebrate the anniversary of Attack of the Clones. Along the way they...


 2018-05-19  1h1m

Solo, Anne V. Coates & Mike's Sneakers

Mike (@mumbles3k) and John (@kesseljunkie) discuss the Wall Street Journal's article about Solo strife, the legendary work of film editor Anne V. Coates, disagree about Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, and discuss footwear of the rich & famous. ?...


 2018-05-12  48m