Greyscalegorilla Show

A show about motion design, 3D rendering, Cinema 4D, and more.



episode 112: Gear and Tech Talk: Best of 2018 and New in 2019 | GSG Show 103

Gear heads Chad Ashley and Shawn Astrom talk about their favorite gear of 2018, and what they are looking forward to the most in 2019.



episode 111: Switching from Mac to PC. What PC Do I Need for 3D?

Nick is finally leaving his Mac for a PC, but he doesn't know where to start.


 2018-11-28  37m

episode 110: Catching Up On Everything | Greyscalegorilla Show Episode 101

Experience the new Greyscalegorilla Show, catch up on where we've been, and how the podcast has changed.


 2018-11-26  44m

episode 109: Episode 100: Where Did We Go Wrong?

In our 100th podcast, the crew decides to forgo the stereotypical clip show and instead share some of their biggest failures.


 2018-04-26  1h23m

episode 108: "GSG AMA: All the Questions!"

In our 99th episode leading up to number 100, the group answers questions from the audience and announce the return of 5 Second Projects.


 2018-04-03  1h20m

episode 107: The Impactful Building Blocks of Motion Design. GSG Podcast Ep 98

In this Podcast, the crew discusses important skills they've consciously or subconsciously picked up along the way that made them more valuable motion designers.


 2018-03-13  56m

episode 106: Improving Your Client Skills. GSG Podcast Ep 97

In this Podcast, the group shares their own stories and secrets that have helped them communicate with clients over the years.


 2018-03-06  1h2m

episode 105: "Impossible to see the Future is." - Yoda What Renderer Should Yoda Use? GSG Podcast Ep 96

In this Podcast, the crew discusses 3D printing, NAB, and when it's time to learn new things.


 2018-02-27  43m

episode 104: Lifelike Camera Movement in C4D GSG Podcast Ep 95

In this Podcast, the crew discusses how they each discovered the power of the camera in Cinema 4D. The camera can be a powerful storytelling device and should be treated as such even in Motion design.


 2018-02-20  1h11m

episode 103: 9 Years of Tutorials: What we've learned by teaching. GSG Podcast Ep. 94

In this Podcast, the crew celebrates 9 years of tutorials on GSG. The group discusses their favorite tutorials and what they've learned about creating them.


 2018-02-12  59m