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A show for creatives who want to learn about motion design, 3D rendering, Cinema 4D, working with clients, and much more.

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episode 136: Your C4D Lighting Questions Answered | Greyscalegorilla Live Q&A

Listen in as Nick & Chad field questions from the live chat from Feb 17, 2021 about all things Greyscalegorilla and lighting.


 2021-06-30  53m

episode 135: Master Camera Techniques in Cinema 4D | Greyscalegorilla Live Q&A

Listen in as Nick & Chad field questions from the live chat from March 04, 2021 about all things Greyscalegorilla and Cameras.


 2021-06-19  46m

episode 134: Quick And Easy Lighting Tips - Greyscalegorilla Live Q&A

Listen in as Nick & Chad field questions from the live chat from March 18, 2021 about all things Greyscalegorilla and lighting.


 2021-05-26  1h4m

episode 133: Greyscalegorilla Podcast - We're Back

After a bit of a hiatus, the Greyscalegorilla Podcast is back.


 2021-05-13  3m

episode 132: Cinema 4D S22 - What is in this Surprise New Version?

Maxon surprises subscribers with a new version of Cinema 4D. Dubbed S22, this subscription only release adds new UV tools, Viewport, modelling updates, and more! Chad Ashley and new team member Shawn Astrom dive into all the juicy details in this podcast. 


 2020-04-23  59m

episode 131: Stay Home and Stay Productive: Tips From a Fully Remote Company

What tools do you need to work from home, and how do you stay focused? In this episode, the team shares how they work remotely from home and the discipline it takes to make it a successful working environment. You'll hear about the tools Greyscalegorilla uses to run the business, project management, chat, and more.


 2020-03-12  1h9m

episode 130: Should You Use the ACES Workflow for Color? - Interview with Colorist Jeremy Stuart

  • Guest - Jeremy Stuart, Professional Colorist
  • Tutorial - Why Should Cinema 4D Artists Learn ACES?
  • Andrey Lebrov ACES
  • Getting to Know Aces Training Series - Greyscalegorilla Plus
  • Color Grading - What is ACES? - Michael Maher
  • CG Cinematography by Chris Brejon


 2020-03-06  50m

episode 129: Will Procreate and Cavalry Disrupt the Adobe Empire?

With apps like Procreate and Cavalry disrupting the Adobe ecosystem, should motion designers look to add these tools to their workflow? In this episode, the team talks to School of Motion founder and all-around extraordinary human being Joey Korenman. Listen to them talk about updates Adobe is working on for After Effects and Photoshop, popular new tools like Procreate and Cavalry, and the benefits of online education versus a traditional school...


 2020-02-06  57m

episode 128: How Do You Stay Motivated During the Winter Blues?

In this episode of the Greyscalegorilla podcast, the team catches up after the holidays. Hear them talk about movies, shows, and their favorite gifts. Take a listen to the latest in industry news from around the mograph world, and finally hear about some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated during the cold winter months.


 2020-01-30  43m

episode 127: Does the Mac Pro Make Sense for 3D?

Are we going back to Mac? In this episode the team talks about the new Mac Pro. Is this expensive machine a viable option for 3D artists and motion designers? We also cover the latest new features in Arnold and Redshift.


 2019-12-11  58m