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Our weekly discussion of NBC's GRIMM, where we talk about the latest episodes, behind-the-scenes news, and speculate on where the show is going next.

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Will GRIMM Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater?

If you could prevent future violence, would you? Would you do that if it meant eating a baby that would murder others in the future? What would you do?


 2017-01-28  42m

GRIMM's Captain Trap

How many Renards can Portland handle? Is two, too many? Discussing the latest episode of GRIMM, directed by David Giuntoli.


 2017-01-21  49m

GRIMM Gives Renard a Lot of Rope

This episode of GRIMM, Renard eventually gets his way. Will that be his unraveling? The final season continues!


 2017-01-14  42m

GRIMM Is Back and On the Run!

GRIMM is back and playing a shell game. As we head into the sixth and final(?) season, Maia discusses the season opener with Ann and Teresa.


 2017-01-07  43m


Maia and Ann discuss the possibilities of the upcoming new (and final?) season of GRIMM.


 2016-08-23  53m

GRIMM's Showdown Ends with Many Questions

This season finale was more intense and more mature than in the past. It left many cliffhanger questions but not the blunt instruments of seasons past. This go around it's the niggling, lingering questions that will haunt Grimmsters till this October. Golly, that sounds so far away.


 2016-05-22  1h23m

It's Not a "Bad Night" For Us, But GRIMM Gives One to Everyone Else

Everyone's having a bad night in this run up to the double-episode season finale. This hour delivered a tightly woven mix of storylines for everyone - Hank has a bad night, Nick has a bad night, which means Monroe and Rosalee have a bad night. Adalind gives Renard a bad night. Bad nights all around!


 2016-05-14  1h12m

GRIMM Takes Baby Steps to Our Good Graces

After all my complaining last week, this episode begins to make amends in some ways. There have been a few episodes that feature Wu (Reggie Lee). Most of them, okay all of them, are about Wu basically losing his mind. This one has some other surprises.


 2016-04-30  52m

Maia has a Bone to Pick with GRIMM

Maia shares some thoughts on the latest episode of GRIMM -- what's going on with Renard and his reunion of Adalind and Diana? And ew, gross -- this week's crime case is a little icky. But the true crime: Wu's storyline and how it defies the established show universe's rules.


 2016-04-23  35m

GRIMM Makes and Breaks Its Own Rules!

Who said you could become a Wesen like that? GRIMM has spent a lot of time setting up the rules of this world, and it seems the show is breaking those rules.


 2016-04-16  47m