Grown Local

Before weed delivery apps and dispensaries that look like day spas, a flourishing black market meant trading pounds of marijuana for thousands in cash.Comedian Billy Wayne Davis (Conan, Last Comic Standing) sits down alongside co-host and organic cannabis grower Mike McGowan to talk with these criminals-gone-corporate as they spill the bong water on everything from evading police to making a living in a legalized world.Funny, brutally honest, and, at times, shocking interviews leave listeners feeling like they're eavesdropping on a drug deal. Davis and McGowan have a knack for making the mics feel invisible, creating a rich living history of a soon-to-be forgotten world of prohibition pot.This is Grown Local.

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Billy Wayne & Mike talk to Southern Humbodlt legacy farmers John Casali & Jason Gellman about the agreed and politics endangering their lives, livelihoods, and the future of a special plant. THEY NEED OUR HELP!!!!


 2021-11-19  38m

MJBiz 3 Jane West

The dudes catch up with Jane West to get the history of MJBiz. The people's history.


 2021-11-05  48m

MJBiz2- Anna Kaplan

Mike catches up with Anna Kaplan from SugarTop Buddery about her MJBiz experience. 


 2021-10-29  33m

Viva MJBiz

Billy Wayne & Mike report live from Las Vegas at the MJBiz Conference.


 2021-10-22  42m

episode 22: Alexandra Schwan

Billy Wayne & Mike talk with one of the coolest Alexandra Schwan about her life in and around cannabis. Its a good one!!


 2021-10-08  39m

episode 21: Mason Tvert

Billy Wayne & Mike let the wise one, Mason Tvert drop as much knowledge as time will allow. He's humble but none of us would be talking as openly about cannabis without him.


 2021-10-01  56m

episode 20: Colorado Ramble

Billy Wayne & Mike ramble on about Colorado and what's been surprising visiting the first legal state.


 2021-09-25  35m

episode 19: Justin Lascek

We couldn't do a Colorado season without talking to our main man in Colorado, the one and only Justin Lascek.


 2021-09-17  49m


Bonus episode of the Patreon only series Grow Your Own where Mike teaches BWD how to grow living soil organic cannabis in a tent.


 2021-09-10  15m

episode 18: Andy Juett

Billy Wayne & Mike have a hilarious talk about Denver's past, present, and future with cannabis and entertainment alchemist Andy Juett. Fun stories about how cannabis and comedy rightfully collided from the jump of legalization, and what its like to be the glue that holds it all together. Grown Local


 2021-09-03  51m