Grown Local

Before weed delivery apps and dispensaries that look like day spas, a flourishing black market meant trading pounds of marijuana for thousands in cash.Comedian Billy Wayne Davis (Conan, Last Comic Standing) sits down alongside co-host and organic cannabis grower Mike McGowan to talk with these criminals-gone-corporate as they spill the bong water on everything from evading police to making a living in a legalized world.Funny, brutally honest, and, at times, shocking interviews leave listeners feeling like they're eavesdropping on a drug deal. Davis and McGowan have a knack for making the mics feel invisible, creating a rich living history of a soon-to-be forgotten world of prohibition pot.This is Grown Local.

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episode 11: Wendy Kornberg

The dudes head into the hills of Southern Humbodlt with grower Wendy Kornberg.


 2020-10-30  1h37m

episode 12: Brad McCabe

The dudes chat with Brad McCabe's in his old garage grow room in Eureka.


 2020-11-06  1h19m

episode 13: Redbeard & Cornell's Oral History of Reggae On The River

The dudes hang with Cornell & Redbeard to get the skinny on Reggae On The River.


 2020-11-13  1h22m

episode 14: Cherry Valley Farms

The dudes break bread with multiple Souther Humbodlt growing generations at Cherry Valley Farms.


 2020-11-20  1h17m

episode 15: John Casali

The dudes leave inspired by Huckleberry Hill Farms owner John Casali.


 2020-11-26  1h43m

episode 16: Nando

The legend of Nando is born.


 2020-12-11  59m

episode 17: Justin Lascek

The dudes zoom with Green Beret Justin Lascek.


 2020-12-18  1h34m

episode 18: Tony Hinojosa

The dudes zoom with former CAMP officer Tony Hinojosa about his experiences busting grows.


 2020-12-25  1h5m

episode 19: Nat & Halle Return

The dudes zoom with Humboldt Seed Company's father/daughter super duo Nat & Halle Pennington.


 2021-02-05  48m

episode 20: Nat & Halle Return Part 2

The dudes zoom with Humboldt Seed Company's father/daughter super duo Nat & Halle Pennington.


 2021-02-12  54m