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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


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Is iDubbbz A Simp? - H3 Podcast #185

On this episode of the H3 Podcast tha bois in tha back return via Zoom! Together with Ethan & Hila they unpack the Idubbbz "drama", debate about Andrew Cuomo's nips, update on the Moses Trisha situation, say hello to twitter world with OJ, and a...



#184 - Trisha Paytas Ruins The H3 Podcast

On this episode of The H3 Podcast we discuss Trisha and Hila's brother ruining The Bach3lorette, bison attacking news reporters, Gal Gadot being cringe, Corona grifters, and a whole lot more!  



#183 - The Show Must Go On

On this episode of the H3 Podcast we come to you from a non-disclosed location in our apocalypse bunker! It's just Ethan and Hila in this episode as we discuss Corona, ask "where is Jeff?", the horsemen of the apocalypse, and Jared Leto's cult! ...



#182 - Trisha Paytas (The BacH3lorette Round 2)

On this episode of the H3 Podcast we are joined again by Trisha to go over the lovely candidates' submissions for The Bach3lorette! A lot of twists and turns in this one people...



#181 - OJ Simpson Blocked Ethan After Getting Burned On Twitter

On this episode of the H3 Podcast Ethan discovers wikifeet and goes deep down the foot-hole, we speak with Mr. Roll Patrol aka The Philly Offensive, we get an update on the state of Zach's hair, Dan sends the news, and a whole lot more!  



Big Ed Puts Mayo In Zach's Hair - H3 Podcast #180

On this episode of the H3 Podcast we are joined by BIG ED THA GOAT- living legend and hair-care extraordinaire! Beside giving Zach a hands on lesson in mayo application we also talk literal gaffe's from some of our favorite politicans and Dan sends...


 2020-03-06  1h39m

#179 - Ethan Ruins the H3 Podcast

Ethan owns up to being a ruthless tyrant of a boss (not really) but we discuss the backlash to the last episode- but don't worry it's not all serious... we've got some great goofs and gaffs too baybaaaaaay!


 2020-02-29  1h20m

#178 - Gigi Hadid Bodyslams Jake Paul

On this episode of the H3 Podcast we talk about Ninja and Hila posting cringe and losing subscribers, Jake Paul getting ethered by Gigi Hadid, a promising new season of 90 Day Fiance, should billionaires exists, and a whole lot more!


 2020-02-26  2h7m

#177 - Trisha Paytas Returns With An Exciting Announcement

Trisha Paytas is BACK and we have a big announcement...


 2020-02-22  1h36m

#176 - Jake Paul's New Scam

On this episode of the H3 Podcast the gang discuss Jake Paul's new scam and his cure for anxiety, veggie burgers vs the real deal, Ethan grills the crew on if they are ass or tit guys, and we discuss Logan making borderline porn content on YouTube!  


 2020-02-19  2h5m