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#28 - PewDiePie Drops the "N" Bomb (Top Of The Week)

Pewdiepie gets into hot water yet again. 


 2017-09-13  1h18m

#27 - We Raised $170,000! + Shoenice Hates Us

Following up with our charity stream and getting cursed by shoenice.


 2017-09-09  1h44m

#26 - Justin Roiland & Alex Hirsch Charity Special

We prank call Joel Osteen's Mega Church as Rick Sachenz and pepper spray Joey Salads in the face, all in the name of charity. 


 2017-09-07  5h28m

#25 Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

Jenna Marbles & Julien Solomita join us today to discuss aliens, conspiracies and everything else! 


 2017-09-03  1h42m

episode 24: We Won the Lawsuit!

We WON! Now we discuss what happens next -- What happens if Matt appeals, and should we counter-sue for attorneys fees? ALSO:We get Skippy the Virgin on the phone with Ryan Juanzemis to receive dating advice. 


 2017-08-27  1h28m

#23 - Top of the Week 8-22-17

Elon is back warning against AI, Jake Paul & Faze Banks beef, and I've lost all respect for you...


 2017-08-23  1h20m

episode 22: #22 - Jake Paul & KTLA Reporter Chris Wolfe

Jake Paul joins us along with Chris Wolfe who broke the original story


 2017-08-19  1h40m

episode 21: #21 - Was Joey Salads at the Rally & More?

Ethan and Hila discuss AI, Fupa Loss, and Joey Salads possibly being a Nazi


 2017-08-17  1h23m

episode 20: #20 - One Fricked Up Dentist (Jimmie Lee)

Jimmie Lee causes chaos in our studio


 2017-08-14  1h16m

#20 - One Fricked Up Dentist (Jimmie Lee)

Jimmie Lee causes chaos in our studio


 2017-08-13  1h16m