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The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.

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Hack Naked News #111 - February 14, 2017

Microsoft delays Patch Tuesday, WordPress continues to fail at failing, Valve eradicates a Steam bug, ransomware that makes you do terrible things, and more. Jason Wood of Paladin Security joins us to talk about a father and son who created access to...


 2017-02-15  21m

Hack Naked News #110 - February 7, 2017

Android vulnerabilities are patched, your TV is watching you, iOS apps are vulnerable, the lamest crypto bug, and more. Jason Wood joins us to talk about a former NSA contractor who may have stolen 75% of TAO’s elite hacking tools! Full Show Notes: ...


 2017-02-08  17m

Hack Naked News #109 - January 31, 2017

Don Pezet of ITPro.TV joins us to discuss why a luxury hotel has gone analog, ransomware shutting down security cameras, and more hacking news. Stay tuned! Full Show Notes: ...


 2017-01-31  24m

Hack Naked News #108 - Jason Wood, Paladin Security

Jason Wood is the Founder and and primary consultant of Paladin Security. Prior to starting Paladin Security, Jason was a Principal Security Consultant at Secure Ideas, and taught classes on vulnerability management, event monitoring, and...


 2017-01-26  9m

Hack Naked News #108 - News: January 25, 2017

Firefox attempts to protect users, Android threats that matter (and one that doesn't), Cisco patches a critical flaw, and why are film festivals a target for attackers? Full Show Notes:...


 2017-01-25  7m

Hack Naked News #107 - January 17, 2017

Israel Barak of Cybereason joins us to discuss endpoint security, malware, ransomware, and more news stories in this week’s episode of Hack Naked News! Full Show Notes: ...


 2017-01-17  27m

Hack Naked News #106 - January 11, 2017

The world’s easiest bug bounty program, Shamoon’s capabilities spread to desktops, the fridge who loved me, and are Geek Squad techs working for the FBI? Full Show...


 2017-01-11  32m

Hack Naked News # 105 - January 3, 2017

0day vulnerabilities in storage devices, why VMware sucks at key management, how to un-ransomware your Google TV, and did Russia really tamper with the 2016 election? Full Show Notes: ...


 2017-01-03  11m

Hack Naked News #104 - December 28, 2016

Two critical vulnerabilities you will want to patch before 2017 and a free tool to keep ransomware off the new gadgets you received over the holidays. Full Show Notes:


 2016-12-28  6m

Hack Naked News #103 - December 6, 2016

The USB killer is on the loose, why you shouldn’t use Visa, Obama challenges the Trump administration (sorta), the dumbest car thief of the week, and much more on this edition of Hack Naked News! Full Show Notes: ...


 2016-12-06  10m