Kids and Technology

If you have ever felt ill-equipped to support your teen in the age of technology this podcast is for you!

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Episode – 22 Blended Families & Technology Rules

Hi and welcome to the podcast! I would like to introduce you to Melissa Brown. Melissa is the host of the blended family podcast, a show where she discusses the unique challenges and struggles that blended families face. Melissa has hadRead more...


 2016-09-06  27m

Episode 21 – Preteens and Technology

I would like to welcome Luna Leverett to the show. She is a mom to a 7th grade boy and 5th grade girl. As a public speaker, she helps overwhelmed women find peace and contentment by living the lives theyRead more...


 2016-08-30  31m

Episode 20 – Kids Growing Up With Technology

On today’s show I would like to introduce you to Carla Wynn. She is the mother of three sons, ages 28, 18 and 14. Her younger two boys are already seasoned entrepreneurs and her 18 year old son was diagnosed with a rareRead more...


 2016-08-23  25m

Episode 19 – Talking to Your Teens About Sex and Pornography

We all have stories about how our parents talked to us about sex (or didn’t) these can influence how we talk to our own children as well. My special guest Anya Manes works with parents to help them have importantRead more...


 2016-04-28  17m

Episode 18 – Teens, Technology & Their Relationships

Have you noticed that social media or technology has impacted your teen’s relationships? How do we help our kids to get off social and get on the phone or Skype to help them work out the issues with their friendsRead more...


 2016-04-20  10m

Episode 17 – Self Worth & Bullying

If only she knew how little they matter… I too struggled through school, being bullied and feeling worthless! IF I could spend a few minutes with myself at that age, this is what I would say: Your self worth andRead more...


 2015-11-19  8m

Episode 16 – Your Kids and Email

Determining if your child is ready for email may or may not be something that is in your control. Your child may require an email account for school long before you think they should have one, but what can youRead more...


 2015-11-05  9m

Episode 15 – Your Teen & The Law

Do you realize that there are things that our children are doing online that are putting them at risk? Please watch this video below, get to know Amanda Todd’s story.   Talk with your children and alert them to theRead more...


 2015-10-29  7m

Episode 14 – Privacy and our Devices

Do you use privacy options on your devices? I do, and I need to. Chances are you probably need to as well and your kids do as well.. Join me as I talk about privatizing your device!


 2015-09-24  6m

Episode 13 – Relationships & Conversations

Today’s topic explores the importance of building strong relationships with your teens, and finding ways to communicate before it’s too late.


 2015-09-17  10m