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episode 804: Powering Cloud gaming with Rainway's Andrew Sampson

Recently Seattle-based startup Rainway came out with big news - the tech behind its web-based gaming platform powers the PC and iOS versions of Microsoft’s Project xCloud. Scott talks to Andrew Sampson about his journey and how Rainway uses web tech and make the impossible possible.


 2021-09-02  30m

episode 803: Climbing the Engineering Ladder with Amal Hussein

Amal Hussein is an engineer, community organizer, podcaster and budding entrepreneur. She is currently a Principal Software Engineer at Indigo, where she is focused on building global agricultural transportation software to annually save the planet millions of gallons of fuel. When she isn’t working on saving the universe from itself, you find her podcasting on JS Party or The Web Platform Podcast.


 2021-08-26  35m

episode 802: Tech Startup Life in a Pandemic with QuirkChat's Bee Law

Bee Law has been starting up her startup for years...and it's happening! She talks to Scott about Tech Startup Life, the realities of raising money, growing a team, and taking opportunities as life gives them to you while creating https://www.quirkchat.com/


 2021-08-19  34m

episode 801: DevSecOps or SecDevOps with Wabbi's Brittany Greenfield

DevSecOps vs. SecDevOps vs. DevOpsSec: Is there really a difference in these secure DevOps terms? We all agree we need to not only secure DevOps but we want secure software to pop out the other side of our ops pipelines. Folks often have 'security teams' that are separate...how important is it to get not just a segment in the DevOps pipeline but really integrated end to end? Scott chats with Wabbi's Brittany Greenfield about the future of DevOps+Security.


 2021-08-12  31m

 2021-08-05  31m

episode 799: Learn F# to write Succinct, Performant, and Correct Code with Don Syme

F# empowers everyone to write succinct, robust and performant code. Today Scott talks to Don Syme, the designer and architect of the F# programming language, described by a reporter as "the most original new face in computer languages since Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ in the early 1980s." How can F# help join both the .NET and JavaScript ecosystems?


 2021-07-28  30m

episode 798: The next generation of Data Visualization with Observable's Anjana Vakil

We've come a long way from simple pie charts created on the server side. Today's browsers support complex interactive visualizations and it's technologies like SVG, d3.js, and JavaScript that make it possible. Scott talks with Observerable's Anjana Vakil about the history of data visualization on the web, Mike Bostock's work on d3 at the New York Times, and how Observable is attempting to bring data, visualizations and code all together in one collaborative place.


 2021-07-22  33m

episode 797: New Ways to Teach Computer Science with Maria Naggaga

Maria Naggaga and her team have been reconsidering how we teach computer science and coding? Is a console app with "Hello World" the best way? What about a notebooks 'electric paper' style instead? Where should the barrier to entry be when learning to code?


 2021-07-15  33m

episode 796: Engineering Servant Leadership with Carbon Health's Claire Hough

Claire Hough started her career at Netscape and has been leading engineering teams to success ever since. Today she serves as the CTO of Carbon Health as a servant leader. Servant-leaders focus on the growth and well being of the people they lead rather than the accumulation of power.


 2021-07-08  31m

episode 795: Electronics for Everyone with AdaFruit's Limor Fried

Limor Fried is an electrical engineer and owner of the electronics company Adafruit Industries. She started Adafruit in her MIT dorm room and has never stopped since then!


 2021-07-01  42m