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Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices. Talk and Tech for Developers, Life-long Learners, and Technologists.


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episode 858: Learning to code 6502 assembly in Pikuma's Gustavo Pezzi

Gustavo Pezzi wants to teach YOU (and everyone) how to code...in 6502 assembly on 40 year old machines! There's something amazing about coding on the absolute metal and owning the entire machine/stack. https://pikuma.com teaches the learn the fundamentals of computer science and mathematics in creative and dynamic ways using older game consoles and teaches things like graphics and physics without large frameworks.


 2022-09-15  33m

 2022-09-08  31m

episode 856: Building and Scaling Geo-Distributed Cloud Apps with Denis Magda

Denis started at Sun Microsystems and Oracle where he worked on JVM/JDK and led one of the Java development groups. After learning Java from the inside, he joined the world of distributed systems and databases, where he's remained ever since. He talks to Scott about how to build large horizontal cloud apps that are geo-distributed and truly global.


 2022-09-01  37m

episode 855: Growing your career via technical content creation with Mohammed Osman

Mohammed Osman strongly believes that blogging greatly improved his my career and encourages everyone to give it a try. Things like content research, learning SEO, hosting your own sites and blogs and lead to job opportunities, speaking opportunities and more! He talks to Scott about how he's used this blog to teach (and learn) Azure and help get folks all over the world Azure Cloud certified!


 2022-08-25  30m

episode 854: Learning via Personal Challenges with Lisi Hocke

Lisi Hocke commits to a personal challenge every year, publicly! This is a great way to encourage accountability and learn and improve public. She commits to one challenge per year and a continuing learning journey. Scott talks to Lisi about getting out of our personal, professional, and technical comfort zones and getting better through accountability and learning partners!


 2022-08-18  31m

episode 853: Redpoint's Erica Brescia supports Tech Founders

Erica Brescia co-founded Bitnami, and later joined GitHub as COO. She's also on the board of directors of the Linux Foundation. This week she talks to Scott about how VC works, where the money comes from, how one moves from idea to funded, and how companies like Redpoint help support founders.


 2022-08-11  34m

episode 852: Mark Thompson wants you to win

Mark Thompson wants you to win. He talks to Scott about the scarcity mindset and why it's the wrong way to think about a career in technology. Your winning doesn't mean Mark or Scott loses.


 2022-08-04  38m

episode 851: Failing Safely with Ramón Huidobro

Ramón Huidobro is a Developer Relations Strategist, Developer Educator and Public Speaker with over a decade of experience in Software Engineering. He talks to Scott about how to learn - and fail - safely and comfortably in public.


 2022-07-28  34m

episode 850: Rust for Beginners with Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft and as a Board Director at the Rust Foundation. Rust is a low-level statically-typed multi-paradigm programming language that’s focused on safety and performance. In a world of C and C++, why should you use Rust? Why does Rust shine and what problems does it solve?


 2022-07-21  28m

episode 849: The future of supply chain with Ox's CEO Charu Thomas

Ox optimizes fulfillment operations by automating manual tasks and increasing workforce efficiency. Ox's CEO Charu Thomas started thinking about this space in college and then ended up founded a company in Northwest Arkansas! As a second-year undergraduate, Charu took her concept to Thad Starner, a professor in Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, who also was the technical lead/manager for Google Glass...


 2022-07-14  33m