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Happy Jacks RPG Podcast combines beer, table-top RPGs, unbridled enthusiasm and beer to bring you a weekly round table discussion that is informative, honest and funny. If you're looking for an RPG podcast with diverse opinions and a slightly infantile sense of humor, look no further -- you're home.


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HJRP2619 Time, Ideas to Campaigns, GMing Blind

hjrp2619 In this Episode: Ryan from Florida writes in about time. Kurt writes in about how he turned one random idea into a campaign. And Mike writes in about playing and GMing blind. 



HJRP2618 Prices, Preferences, Conventions, Adventures

hjrp2618 Your Hosts: Stu, Bill, Tomes, Tappy In this Episode: Andreas sends us some thoughts on game prices and PC preference.  Joe Crack sends us his comments on GMing at conventions.  And Jonas asks about pre-written adventures.



HJRP2617 Disease, Virtual Gaming, Secrets and Agendas

hjrp2617 In this Episode:  Andrew asks about making disease scary without ruining your game.  Weaslecreature writes in about virtual gaming.  Uncommonman writes in about secrets, agendas and PVP. 



HJRP2616 Secrets, House Ruling, Prep

hjrp2616 Your Hosts: Stu, Emily and Rev from thecritshowpodcast.com In this Episode: Lee writes in about keeping secrets from other players.  Ed from Minnesota sends us a message about house ruling.  And Jeff asks about game prep.  



HJRP2615 Con Game Pregens, GMing Exercise, Storing Digital Content and GM Lessons Learned

hjrp2615 - Your Hosts: Stu, Stork, Clara, Joey - In this Episode: Out of print GM sends us some convention pregens and asks for feedback.  Uncommonman sends us another GMing exercise.  HeavyMetal Jess writes in about storing digital content and a GM ...


 2020-04-25  1h25m

HJRP2614 NPCs, Question, Hobby

hjrp2614 - Your Hosts: Stu, Jameson, Tappy - In this Episode: Chris from New Jersey asks how a GM, who isn’t an actor, make NPCs seem real. EricaOdd writes in with an RPG question taken from real life.  Nick sends us an audio message about supporting...


 2020-04-18  49m

HJRP2613 Throw-Away NPCs, DnD Bias, Convention Story

hjrp2613 Your hosts: Stu, Clara, Stork In this Episode: Erin from NorCal sends us a conundrum about a throw-away NPC. Juho from Finland asks about DnD bias. JimTo sends us a convention story.


 2020-04-11  1h1m

HJRP2612 Court Games, Questions, Murder

hjrp2612 Your hosts: Stu, Teri, Stork In this Episode: MRCJ has some advice for Court games.  Shawn from Silver Springs sends us a couple questions.  “I Murdered a Character” from Vyrrk. 


 2020-04-04  1h0m

HJRP2611 Useless Skills, Horror, Interesting Combat

hjrp2611 - This episode is sponsored by EasyRollerDice.com, introducing their new Kickstarter, aluminum elven design dice. - Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Stork - In this Episode: Niklas writes in saying we must stop consuming alcohol!


 2020-03-28  57m

HJRP2610 Divine Intervention, Monster of the Week, Playing Characters Outside the Game

hjrp2610 - Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Jason, Tappy - In This Episode: Ben from Texas writes in about divine intervention. Anonymous sends a question about Monster of the Week. Steve from Atlanta writes in about playing characters outside of the game.


 2020-03-21  43m