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Happy Jacks RPG Podcast combines beer, table-top RPGs, unbridled enthusiasm and beer to bring you a weekly round table discussion that is informative, honest and funny. If you're looking for an RPG podcast with diverse opinions and a slightly infantile sense of humor, look no further -- you're home.


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HJRP2705 Character Advancement, Sandbox Troubles, Helplessness

hjrp2705 Your Hosts: Stu and Stork In this Episode: Niklas writes in about character advancement and what should drive it. GettyOwlMark is having sandbox troubles. And Rufus has a question about helplessness in gaming and life. 



HJRP2704 Peaceful Cities, Good and Evil, Horror

hjrp2704 - Your Hosts: Stu, Moe, Christopher and Tappy - In This Episode: Adam from Utah writes in about adventuring in a peaceful city. MRCJ sends an email about good and evil. And Muddyboots sends us a horror story. - Since this recording,



HJRP2703 Online Gaming, Challenging Topics, GMing Exercises

hjrp2703 Your Hosts: Stu and Kimi In this Episode: Leatherneck writes in about lessons learned from online gaming.  Moe asks about games that address challenging topics.  Ben from Tejas sends us a GMing exercise. 



HJRP2702 Safety Tools, Familiars

hjrp2702 Your Hosts: Stu and Stork In This Episode: My Friends Call Me Money writes in about safety tools. Alervant has a lot of unused RPG books. Muddyboots asks about familiars.



HJRP2701 Game Prep, Maintaining Creativity, GM Confidence

hjrp2701 - Your Hosts: Stu, Christopher, Bill, Stork - In this Episode: Aaron writes in about online game prep.  Kyle asks how GMs maintain their creative juices (apart from hydration)? Chad (or Greatwyrm) asks how to recover GM confidence after a tr...


 2020-06-22  1h7m

HJRP2620 Factions, Fantasy Races, Gaming ADD

hjrp2620 Your Hosts: Stu, Clara, Claire, Stork In This Episode: Andreas writes in about different PC factions. Graf writes in about world building with fantasy races. Andreas writes in about gaming ADD.  


 2020-06-06  1h0m

HJRP2619 Time, Ideas to Campaigns, GMing Blind

hjrp2619 In this Episode: Ryan from Florida writes in about time. Kurt writes in about how he turned one random idea into a campaign. And Mike writes in about playing and GMing blind. 


 2020-05-23  58m

HJRP2618 Prices, Preferences, Conventions, Adventures

hjrp2618 Your Hosts: Stu, Bill, Tomes, Tappy In this Episode: Andreas sends us some thoughts on game prices and PC preference.  Joe Crack sends us his comments on GMing at conventions.  And Jonas asks about pre-written adventures.


 2020-05-18  1h29m

HJRP2617 Disease, Virtual Gaming, Secrets and Agendas

hjrp2617 In this Episode:  Andrew asks about making disease scary without ruining your game.  Weaslecreature writes in about virtual gaming.  Uncommonman writes in about secrets, agendas and PVP. 


 2020-05-09  1h4m

HJRP2616 Secrets, House Ruling, Prep

hjrp2616 Your Hosts: Stu, Emily and Rev from thecritshowpodcast.com In this Episode: Lee writes in about keeping secrets from other players.  Ed from Minnesota sends us a message about house ruling.  And Jeff asks about game prep.  


 2020-05-03  42m