Health Talk With Dr. Diane MD

Health Talk with Dr Diane MD is a popular syndicated talk show heard on various terrestrial radio stations and archived as a podcast. Each week Dr. Diane A. Thompson uses evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine principles and inspirational stories to help you live your healthiest and best life. You will learn techniques to keep yourself healthy, reverse diseases, and achieve your life goals.



      Reinvent and Relaunch Your Career and Life with Doctor Jarret Patton

      Doctor Jarret was a successful pediatrician and held leadership roles in his hospital.  He was accused of sexual inappropriate behavior and was arrested, lost his licence, career, reputation, and livelihood.  He was cleared of the charges but the damage was already done.  He had to learn to reinvent himself and relaunch his career and life.  He wrote a book to share how you can do the same. Doctor Jarret's book- Licensed to Live- a primer to rebuilding your life after your career has been sh...


       2018-04-02  32m

      14 Days to Amazing Health with Dr Dona Cooper-Dockery

      Dr Dona Cooper is board certified in internal medicine and has a special interest in lifestyle medicine.  She has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. She is also a speaker, author, and host of "Get Healthy with Dr Cooper."  Dr Cooper has had great success in changing the health of her patients.  Listen as she shares simple tips to help you succeed in changing your health. Dr Dona's books:  14 Days to Amazing Health, Get Healthy for Life. Dr Dona may be contacted at DrD...


       2018-03-14  35m

      Fit and Fabulous Vegan Body Builder Nicole Beckford

      As a 45- year- old Vegan Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer, Nicole Beckford shares her story of being overweight and unhealthy,  then experiencing tragedy with the sudden death of her husband in a horrible motorcyle accident in Jamaica.  She shares how she had difficulty  coping and explains how she turned her life and health around and used bodybuilding to help deal with her loss.  Competing helped her regain self confidence and self love.  She also shares healthy tips and nutrition secrets...


       2018-01-31  45m

      NEW START Program and Cancer Management with Debra Williams, ND

      Debra Willimas lives in Jamaica and was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Instead of chemotherapy, she opted to change her lifestyle using the NEW START (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust) program and believes this provided the cure for her cancer.  After learning about healthy lifestyle, Debra then proceeded to study further and recently completed the Naturapthic Doctor program. She now offers counseling and programs to people seeking to learn about the prog...


       2018-01-08  34m

      Transforming Yourself Into The Person You Want To Be with Milan Ross

      In his book 'The Change- Transforming Yourself and Body Into he Person You Want To Be'  author Milan Ross shares his journey from morbid obesity with chronic diseases to fit and healthy using a whole food plant-based diet.  Milan lost over 200 pounds and more than 34 inches off his waist using healthy nutrition and exercise. The change is co-written by Dr. Scot Stoll, a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Medicine.  Milan's website is www.f...


       2017-12-11  42m

      No Wonder I'm Fat with Todd Cheek

      In his newly released book 'No Wonder I'm Fat:  It's Time to Stop The Fat Confusion', author and personal trainer and weight loss coachTodd Cheek helps to demystify the information surronding obesity and gives you solid information to help you finally lose the weight.  Todd's book may be found on Amazon and other book retailers.  Todd may be contacted at or by phone at 917-279-0877.   Dr. Diane A. Thompson is a radio host on 1570 AM WIGO in Atlanta and she ...


       2017-12-04  56m

      Crawling Out of Darkness After Rape and Tragedy with Pastor Terry Gobanga

      Pastor Terry Gobanga is a Kenyan pastor who is a survivor and she will teach you how you can be too! This pastor was gang-raped, stabbed in her abdomen and left for dead on her wedding day.  29 days after finally getting married, both her and her husband were victims of carbon monoxidee posioning, and tragically he died.  She was shunned by her community, believed to cursed, and told she would never have children.  Fast forward, and today she has survived, thrived, and has a husband and 2 ch...


       2017-11-27  52m

      The Fuel for Success with Hugh Rowe

      Hugh Rowe is the author of Joesph's Memoir shares the fuel necessary for success.   Hugh Rowe may be contacted at   Dr. Diane A. Thompson may be reached at or via email at


       2017-11-13  37m

      Thriving Despite Stage 4 Cancer with Jonathan Passley

      Jonathan Passley is a young entreprenur, a father, and husband.  He was blindsided by a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and shares his experience of thriving despite his cancer diagnsis and why he said he saw his cancer as a blessing.   Jonathan may be reached at   Dr. Diane A. Thompson may be reached at or


       2017-11-06  41m

      4 Lessons From a Water Melon with Kesmit Williams

      Kesmit Williams was born in Jamaica and his early life was influenced by the teachings of his grandmother.  He went on to become a very skilled garde manger chef and has combined motivational teachings with his fruit carvings to help inspire others.  In this episode, Kesmit shares "4 Lessons From a Water Melon."


       2016-05-16  33m