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Your favorite show has just gotten better! Level up your game in whatever field you’re in as you learn only from the best, the most successful, and the most interesting people of today! Find inspiration in what they do, marvel at the depth of their insights, and be driven by their success. Understand the decisions they had to make that led them to where they are in life. Trace back the steps they have to take, the traits and habits they live by, and the tools they leverage which you can either adapt or adjust to make it work for your purpose. This is The James Neilson-Watt Show and get ready to elevate! “The knowledge, insights, and things that I share are valid for anyone who wants to be happier, have more financial success, more business success, more relationship success. The new show is heavily focused on that.” - James Neilson-Watt The James Neilson-Watt Show is a weekly interview podcast featuring high profile people and their stories of success, their struggles and pains, and how they rose above them to be where they are today...

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episode 58: The Principles That Make Up a Successful Entrepreneur with Carlos Reyes

If you believe that success is elusive, then it is! Mindset is key, says today’s guest, Carlos Reyes, as he recounts his story of how he got his dose of success. He was an illegal alien in the US who is now a legal citizen, a serial entrepreneur averaging at a 7-figure annual income, and an owner of a real estate conglomerate earning a consistent record of 6 figures monthly. His success formula is composed of 5 major life principles gathered from a life of challenges and poverty...


 2021-06-05  50m

episode 57: How to Be a High Performer with Dilvory Edgecomb

Anyone can be an entrepreneur and everyone can be successful. Take it from this retired police officer turned business owner and entrepreneur, Dilvory Edgecomb. His business success made him an effective high-performance coach to the working-class professionals and executives who are aiming to find their spot in business and entrepreneurship. In this episode, you’ll come to understand the difference between success and high performance...


 2021-06-02  45m

episode 56: How to Become a Healthcare Celebrity In The Mind of Your Ideal Client with Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur, the mentor for EXPERTS who are looking for their breakthrough, joins today’s episode of HBS to spill the beans on how you can become the HIGH choice of your clients for their healthcare needs! He teaches the method of becoming a celebrity entrepreneur and why it’s a must that you become one for the success of your business...


 2021-05-29  46m

episode 55: How To Scale Your Business Using Livestream Presentations and Webinars with Casey Zeman

Casey Zeman, Chief Executive Officer of EasyWebinar urges entrepreneurs to rediscover the wonders of Livestream video and webinar presentations as a means of engaging clients’ buy-in! Today, he shares his methodology in generating leads and getting their commitment to take that call with you and learn more about your business...


 2021-05-26  43m

episode 54: How to Use Setbacks as Fuel to Achieve Bigger & Better Things Even When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed with Mike Ciorrocco

The secret of successful people is finally out! If you want to be successful in the healthcare business, listen to Mike Ciorrocco as he reveals in this episode the secret on how you can continuously elevate even in the darkest times. He’s bottled up this secret into the blueprint of his People Building Inc. business and has been successfully impacting lives by helping people overcome and win over the tough times...


 2021-05-22  38m

episode 53: Visualizing Success & Making It Happen - How to Manifest Success & Grow a 9-Figure Company with Law Payne

If there’s one thing you can learn from growing up in a low income household, it’s the fact that a hard life can be your greatest launch to a grander life if you decide to make it so. This is the story of Law Payne and today, he shares with our listeners his inspiring journey from rags to riches. Discover his secret behind his multiple 8-figure businesses and how a simple niche can become your starting ground for exponential success...


 2021-05-19  46m

episode 52: Mastering the Art of Dealing with Difficult Clients & How to Convert Your Knowledge Into Revenue with Rebecca Zung

Any service-oriented business or profession has, at some point in time, dealt with difficult people and situations. This is an important skill aspiring entrepreneurs need to master and Rebecca Zung has pioneered in this field for her colleagues in the law profession. Rebecca is a lawyer, an author, a coach, and a narcissist negotiation expert who has successfully produced courses focusing on high conflict negotiation...


 2021-05-15  28m

episode 51: The Art of Pitching - How to Get People to Want What You're Selling with Forbes Riley

Join this special episode of the Healthcare Business Secrets with (Forbes Riley) gracing the show, a celebrity life coach, motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, and most famously known as the Queen of the PITCH! Aspiring entrepreneurs know that marketing is key to a successful business. If the world is not aware of what you do, what your products are, and what it can do for them, your business will most likely go down the rabbit hole...


 2021-05-12  47m

episode 50: How to Build a Brand That Can Generate a 20 Million Following & Bring Real Value To the World Through Your Business with Martyn Cook

You’re ready to join the bandwagon of successful healthcare entrepreneurs and you know you need a good brand that speaks for you and your business. Now, where do you start? Learn the tricks from an expert who knows the trade so well, as he shares his humble beginnings and how he made it BIG in the digital world...


 2021-05-08  41m

 2021-05-05  50m