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Your favorite show has just gotten better! Level up your game in whatever field you’re in as you learn only from the best, the most successful, and the most interesting people of today! Find inspiration in what they do, marvel at the depth of their insights, and be driven by their success. Understand the decisions they had to make that led them to where they are in life. Trace back the steps they have to take, the traits and habits they live by, and the tools they leverage which you can either adapt or adjust to make it work for your purpose. This is The James Neilson-Watt Show and get ready to elevate! “The knowledge, insights, and things that I share are valid for anyone who wants to be happier, have more financial success, more business success, more relationship success. The new show is heavily focused on that.” - James Neilson-Watt The James Neilson-Watt Show is a weekly interview podcast featuring high profile people and their stories of success, their struggles and pains, and how they rose above them to be where they are today...

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episode 19: How to Leverage Uncommon Thinking To Explode Your Healthcare Business with Tim Storey

You got to know your unique tone because that tone will bring you anywhere you want to go in life, in business, and your relationships with people. Nothing beats genuine connection, says our guest, Tim Storey. He’s an acclaimed speaker and life coach to about 300 entertainers, from celebrities and executives in Hollywood to athletes and high-profile leaders in different industries...


 2021-01-20  34m

episode 18: How To Attract Your Millionaire Self by Living a Success Based Mindset with John Malott

Everyone deserves a chance to start fresh in life and business. This mindset has helped John Malott rebuild his life and start over, and come out bigger. He’s made a 360 degree turn from being a drug addict to now an owner of empirical businesses from aviation to real estate, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and even blockchain technology! He’s the chairman and co-founder of Build Your Empire, a company focused on helping entrepreneurs build their empires leveraging online platforms...


 2021-01-16  47m

episode 17: How to Leverage The 3Ps of Excellence to Unlock Massive Success in Your Healthcare Business with Jeff Learner

In today’s episode, Jeff Learner, CEO, and founder of ENTRE Institute shares how he became successful as an online marketer. His company is helping entrepreneurs market their businesses online using the 3Ps of excellence. This excellence framework is a unique approach that can boost your healthcare business and triple your revenue. In 2021, harness the power of technology effectively to create the results you want to achieve for your healthcare business. “Be excellent or just don’t...


 2021-01-13  45m

episode 16: How To Build Authority in a Unique Niche of Healthcare with Gabby Reece

Being in the healthcare industry opens you up to a lot of opportunities. Yet, it also opens you up to a fair number of competitors pursuing the same path you’re taking. Gabby Reece stresses the importance of building your profile to help you reach the highest point of success in the healthcare business...


 2021-01-09  34m

episode 15: How to Use Facebook Ads & Email Marketing to Get Quality New Patients with Hernan Vazquez

“Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful.” Hernan Vazquez must have had Warren Buffet in mind when he said, “now is the best time to run your ads on Facebook while everyone is panicking”. Hernan is a customer acquisition expert, advertising consultant, and marketing advisor who co-founded Hernan Vazquez Media LLC. His company is helping small to medium businesses increase their online acquisitions through effective marketing campaigns and advertisements...


 2021-01-06  39m

episode 14: Discover The Secrets to Creating Content That Attracts & Converts New Clients with Aaron Day

Stop spending too much time creating content that is NOT generating results. Aaron Day or more famously known as FatForWeightLoss shares insider marketing on how he has harnessed hundreds of thousands of loyal clients within social media...


 2021-01-02  39m

episode 13: Creating Fail-Proof Processes & Why Health Professionals Need to Think Like Entrepreneurs with Matt Sapaula

If you want to build a successful healthcare business, think like a business owner. Matt Sapaula, otherwise known as the MoneySmartGuy is a former combat veteran marine who made a shift to the insurance industry. He’s currently a highly sought after speaker, an industry leader, and a business coach to thousands of entrepreneurs. In today’s show, he’ll talk about how “intrapreneurship” is sometimes better than entrepreneurship and how this can be elemental to your success...


 2020-12-30  34m

episode 12: Why Mastering Your Mindset is The No.1 Strategy to Transform Your Healthcare Business & Have Greater Success with John Assaraf

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I wanted a different lifestyle.” That was the bold statement of John Assaraf after meeting a person who made him decide to stop wasting his years not doing what he needed to do to fulfill his dreams. Little did he know that this decision would turn him into a best-selling author and owner of 5 multimillion-dollar companies...


 2020-12-26  46m

episode 11: How to Grow a Healthcare Business from Zero to a Billion Dollar Company with Brandon Dawson from Cardone Ventures

Brandon Dawson has been in the healthcare business since a young age, and moved to running his own successful company by 29. He has had a series of experience falling and getting back up, learning through the whole process. Using his wide experience in starting and re-starting businesses, and gaining exponential successes, he’s now paying it forward. This serial entrepreneur has built a company dedicated to helping leaders transform themselves and their teams...


 2020-12-23  31m

episode 10: Discover How to More Easily Achieve Your Goals by Aligning Your Life with Your Truth with Kute Blackson

The law of attraction dictates that if you truly want something, the universe conspires to help you get it. In this episode, Kute Jackson shatters all your limiting beliefs so you can unveil your authentic self, your true dreams, and your highest potentials. Kute is “the mindfulness guru the billionaires go to for advice” when it comes to achieving exemplary performance in business and unleashing their authentic leadership...


 2020-12-19  46m