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#090 - New Generation June

In this episode, I introduce the theme and plan for the month of June, where I am going to gush all about the New Generation Heroes seasons of Ultraman!


 2021-06-01  5m

#089 - “Ultraman Geed” w/ the Backlog Breakdown

In this episode, I invited some special guests from the Backlog Breakdown podcast to discuss one of our favorite Ultra seasons, Ultraman Geed. We are also very good at being very bad at brevity, which is why this turned into a beefy kaiju of an episode. If you’ve enjoyed these guests, you can listen to all the great episodes that the Backlog Breakdown has done here: https://backlogbreakdown.pinecast.co


 2021-04-09  2h22m

HD Bonus #1 - “Top 100 Video Games”

In this first Henshin Dad Bonus episode, I talk about my top 100 favorite video games of all time for nearly three hours! Wow!


 2021-04-06  2h54m

#088 - Two Year Anniversary!

Has it really been two years already? Join me as I talk about what’s been going on recently and reminisce about the past two years of podcasting!


 2021-03-04  8m

#087 - Where Have I Been?

For the first episode of 2021, I share some thoughts about where I’ve been the past few months as well as a hint at what my plans are going forward into the new year. Changes are happening!


 2021-01-05  7m

SPECIAL: "Ready Player Two" Hot Take and Quick Review

In this special episode, I talk about "Ready Player Two" - a book I finished listening to in a single day and... Um, I didn't particularly enjoy it. Listen on to find out why.


 2020-11-25  25m

Ridertober 2020: Journey Through The Decade

Join me in my brief reflection upon the opening theme to Kamen Rider Decade, “Journey Through the Decade.”


 2020-10-08  4m

Ridertober 2020: Kamen Rider Decade #6

Our first look into the World of Ryuki has arrived! Does this new world reflect the original season? Or was it a pale imitation? Listen on to find out!


 2020-10-08  8m

Ridertober 2020: Kamen Rider Decade #5

How does the World of Kiva conclude? Is it a fitting send-off to the melodramatic series? How does Yuusuke show that he is trying to be worthy of the Kuuga title? Find out all this and more as we discuss episode five!


 2020-10-07  7m

Ridertober: Kamen Rider Decade #4

Join me in this episode as we move from the World of Kuuga into the World of Kiva. Why is Wataru a child? Why is the Spider Fangire the best? And where in the world is IXA?!


 2020-10-07  9m