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#013.5 - Life Updates

In this .5 episode, I talk about why I’ve been slacking on releasing any episodes for the past few weeks.


 2019-05-14  3m

#013 - Beast Morphers Toys

In this thirteenth episode, I talk about Beast Morphers figures and the Morph-X Morpher!


 2019-04-18  12m

#012 - Top 5 Power Ranger Seasons

In this twelfth episode, I talk about my personal Top 5 favorite seasons of Power Rangers!


 2019-04-17  13m

#011 - KR Ghost: Introduction

On this eleventh episode, I finalize my Kamen Rider Ghost review plans!


 2019-04-12  8m

#010 - Getting into Toku

In this lengthy tenth episode, I talked about a question that has recently come to mind: how does one get into tokusatsu in this day and age?

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 2019-04-09  25m

#009.5 - Go-Go-Go-Ghost!

In this episode, I talk about the upcoming plan to watch Kamen Rider Ghost as well as muse on how I’m going to implement that plan.


 2019-04-05  2m

#009 - Rayforce

In this episode, I talk about the AMAZING trailer for the Korean toku that never materialized, SF X Fantasy Rayforce!


 2019-04-04  7m

#008 - Battle for the Grid (Initial Thoughts)

In this episode, I give my initial thoughts about the new Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid game!


 2019-04-02  11m

#00A - Thomas Gets Tricked

In this episode, stuff happens.


 2019-04-01  9m

#007 - Kamen Rider G

In this seventh episode, I talk about the brief special for the BEST RIDER EVER, Kamen Rider G!


 2019-03-28  10m