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HJU Radio (THE RETURN!!!) #62 – The End of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid & The Rise of Kamen Rider Build

We’re back on the air and ready to podcast once again! Apologies for the long hiatus, but I’ve been doing some “wandering of the Earth” and have stories from Japan to bring back as well as how my world of toku has grown since last


 2017-10-21  3h47m

HJU Radio #58 – GARO: Soukoku no Maryu/Demon Dragon of the Blue Cry w/ Guest Host MARK MUSASHI

MARK MUSASHI also known as Kodoma in GARO Season 1, Duke Watari in Cutey Honey the LIVE, and many other roles joins us for the first time on HJU RADIO!!! I can’t say enough what a tremendous honor it is to have him on to help us review a movie from


 2017-05-01  3h29m

HJU Radio – PMC Forever Red Panel

“HJU Radio – PMC Forever Red Panel” from HJU Radio by Henshin Justice Unlimited.


 2014-09-08  48m

HJU Radio #57 – More Kamen Rider Gaim Talk, Episodes 1 thru 13

Kamen Rider Gaim has been so awesome that we couldn’t wait to talk more about the show and all the things that have happened in it. Most of us in this recording, beside IgaDevil, did NOT see the ground breaking Episode 14, so you’ll have to f


 2013-10-13  3h37m

HJU: Girls in Trouble, Session #10

It’s hard to say good-bye, but alas, all wonderful things must come to an end. HJU’s Girls in Trouble are saying their farewell to the podcast that brought them together. Listen in to what’s been keeping them busy, what they’ve be


 2013-10-06  2h16m

HJU Radio #56: The Wizard Crossover & The Rise of Kamen Rider Gaim

Welcome back listeners! Team HJU Radio take up their changers to transformer into audio action to finish off Kamen Rider Wizard and to jump into action with the all new KAMEN RIDER GAIM! As a heads up though, there’s a Skype-splosion at: 42:06 wher


 2013-09-29  3h28m

HJU Radio #55 – GARO: Tougen no Fue

It’s ladies night here at HJU Radio as we’re back on the air in record time! Our cast of GARO loving knights and priests take up their respective weapons to review the all female warrior adventure in the GARO Universe, GARO: Tougen no Fue! Th


 2013-09-19  3h7m

HJU Radio #54 – The End of Kamen Rider Wizard

The end is here, but not the total end. I’ve assembled a team of Justicers to put on their rings, harness their mana and summon forth their opinions on the 14th Heisei series to bear the name, Kamen Rider. This is up to the end of Hauruto and Koyom


 2013-09-12  4h28m

HJU Radio #53 – KAMEN RIDER V3!!!

HJU Radio goes from newest to old school with an episode covering the news, then on to first four episodes of the classic Kamen Rider V3, and ending it out with what we’ve been geeking on. Ready? Prepare for blast off! NEWS: -The New Toei Channel d


 2013-09-05  3h22m

HJU Radio #52 – Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum

The band is back together and we’re back on topic. Sorry for the confusion, cuz I say the wrong episode number.. this is 52.. not 53. We go over news of Kamen Rider Gaim, other toku stuffs, the review and then round it up with some of that fine, fi


 2013-08-29  4h3m
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