Her CEO Journey™: The Business Finance Podcast for Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs

Weekly show where my featured guests and I explore the financial and business challenges women face on the entrepreneurial journey to success. You'll hear them talk about the money side of their businesses in ways you've always wanted to know about, but wouldn't dare ask. They openly share their disappointments, failures, successes, and everything in-between as they grew sales ranging from 6 to 9 figures. Knowing where your business stands financially helps you make critical decisions with confidence. It's simply the best way to be sure you grow a business that fuels the life you want to live.


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4 Critical Steps to Ensure Stability and Success of Businesses for Good [transcript]

Many business owners wear all the hats, particularly in growing companies. Doing all the duties yourself seems like the best use of your time. After all, you know your company best, right?

However, the truth is as your business grows, more and more things can slip through the cracks — especially if some of your duties are outside your field of expertise...



episode 176: Taking the Leap: Is a Fractional CFO a Smart Investment? [transcript]

You know what they say: if you want something done right, do it yourself.

But what happens when you're so bogged down with the daily operations of your business that you don't have time to focus on long-term strategy? That's where a fractional CFO comes in—and it might be the best decision you ever make for your business.

However, hiring a fractional CFO isn't a quick fix to your financial adversities...



episode 175: 7 Benefits of Having a Fractional CFO [transcript]

As a business owner, you know there are a lot of important decisions to make, and not enough hours in the day to make them all. That’s why it’s crucial to have someone you can trust to help you make sound financial decisions for your business. Enter the fractional CFO.

But don’t let the name fool you: a fractional CFO isn’t just for businesses that are struggling with their finances...



episode 174: How Social Impact Business Can Fix Financial Adversities [transcript]

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, you want to ensure your finances are in order so your business can continue to serve its purpose. A common concern for founders like yourself is how to overcome and recover from financial adversity. When this happens, your first thought may be to focus on marketing and sales to reach your financial goal. While profitability is vital, it’s simply one part of the equation. You should also get your finances checked and optimized...



episode 173: The One Number That Will Change the Way You Run Your Business

Welcome back to the Growth Podcast Series inside Her CEO Journey. Over the last few weeks, starting from Episode 164 to 172, we share the puzzle pieces you need to grow a sustainable and profitable business. But none of these strategies matters unless you as a founders is ready to understand the financial numbers of your business. 

We are not talking about many numbers; only one number matters. And this one number can tell you if you are growing a sustainable and profitable business...


 2022-06-30  5m

episode 172: Preparing Your Exit Strategy — The Journey of Julie Martinez [transcript]

Managing a business and going through a major transition are difficult enough on their own. But if your business is going through a huge financial shift, then that’s even more challenging. With the stress that comes with it, you might struggle with making the right calls and coming up with good plans for your business.

In this episode, Julie Martinez shares her journey and how she assists female founders through financial transitions...


 2022-06-23  30m

episode 171: How to Create a Financial Statement That Will Attract Lenders and Investors [transcript]

How often do you track your business’ finances? Do you know what your numbers are telling you? As a business owner, it’s essential to understand your numbers and what they imply.

In this episode, Christina shares her tips and insights on creating a robust financial statement that will attract investors and lenders. She explores the connections between the three financial reports that every business founder has to make and provides tips on how to make them...


 2022-06-16  1h1m

episode 170: Role of Lawyers in Building Purpose-Driven Businesses - The Journey of Angie Redecopp [transcript]

You have your business’s finances in place. Now, what’s next? Believe it or not, scale-up and SME founders often forget the legal aspect of the businesses and this can cause a myriad of problems if not immediately resolved. 

Angie Redecopp discusses the legal aspect of businesses — another commonly forgotten puzzle piece in companies...


 2022-06-09  36m

episode 169: Investing in Your Business’ Cybersecurity - The Journey of Jenn Diesi [transcript]

Most small to medium business owners think that the software and hardware they use are secure when it comes out of the box, but that's a dangerous mistake! Good cybersecurity and data security need more than hiring an IT specialist, sometimes taking up to a year to secure a company from data threats.

In this episode, Jenn Diesi shares the importance of building cybersecurity, especially for small businesses...


 2022-06-02  40m

episode 168: The Engagement Collective: Building Happy, Engaged Teams - The Journey of Etienne Morris [transcript]

How often do you consider your employees' happiness? Business owners can become engrossed in handling other aspects of their business that they might disregard their people. Your employees are an integral part of your company. Profit depends on client satisfaction, which hinges upon the quality of your products and services. If your employees are unhappy, then the quality will decline — and so will your revenue and customer experience...


 2022-05-26  36m