Here in Holland

The English podcast about life with the Dutch. Stories from people who have come to live in the Netherlands and those who are thinking about taking the plunge. Stories to make you laugh, cry, pull your hair out and jump for joy. An uplifting new series of podcasts produced by Andy Clark. Here in Holland has interview podcasts to give you expert info and advice on life in the Netherlands. Here in Holland has story podcasts too - internationals share their stories on life in one of the greatest countries in the world.

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episode 11: Here in Holland - Under Pressure

Internationals in the Netherlands are facing huge challenges when it comes to mental health issues - what to do?


 2019-04-05  40m

episode 10: Here in Holland How Environmentally Friendly is the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a great reputation when it comes to the environment but is it justified?


 2019-03-08  36m

episode 9: Here in Holland Marathon Story

A first person documentary on what it takes to run marathon.


 2019-02-20  33m

episode 8: Here in Holland Living in the Netherlands Scores Out of Ten

Internationals rate their lives in the Netherlands out of ten.


 2019-02-04  30m

episode 7: Here in Holland How to Become Dutch

This Here inHolland podcast is all about how to become a Dutch citizen.


 2019-01-08  25m

episode 6: Here in Holland The Monkey Comes Out Of The Sleeve

Dutch expressions are brilliant and colorful now it is time to translate them literally into English and make a splash on the world stage.


 2018-12-17  38m

episode 5: Here in Holland Ripple of Love

How to become a hero, help others and help yourself.


 2018-12-06  17m

episode 4: Here in Holland Brexit Chaos

What does Brexit mean for Brits living in the Netherlands?


 2018-11-05  28m

episode 3: Here inHolland All Over The Place

Lots of funny stories about mishaps and misunderstandings in the podcast this time. 



 2018-10-18  26m

episode 2: Here in Holland - Distrust of Dutch Doctors

Why don't internationals in the Netherlands trust Dutch doctors?


 2018-10-02  25m