Here in Holland

The English podcast about life with the Dutch. Stories from people who have come to live in the Netherlands and those who are thinking about taking the plunge.Stories to make you laugh, cry, pull your hair out and jump for joy. An uplifting new series of podcasts produced by Andy Clark. Here in Holland has interview podcasts to give you expert info and advice on life in the Netherlands.Here in Holland has story podcasts too - internationals share their stories on life in one of the greatest countries in the world.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 23m. Bisher sind 59 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 1: Here in Holland - All The Time We Thought We Had

Moving to the Netherlands with a family can be tough at the best of times, but what if you have two autistic sons and your partner is dying of cancer? For journalist Gordon Darroch this nightmare scenario was a bitter reality. And now he has written a wonderfully moving and intimate book about being faced with the hammer blow that brought life as he knew it crashing down around him. All The Time We Thought We Had. Gordon's blog on autism Autistic Dad...


 2018-09-06  38m

episode 2: Here in Holland - Distrust of Dutch Doctors

This time, why don’t internationals here in the Netherlands trust Dutch healthcare? Surveys show only 30% of internationals trust Dutch doctors. It’s a staggering figure…and this lack of trust can lead to some random decision making with people going go abroad for healthcare and even quitting the Netherlands altogether. And all this while the Dutch have one of the most advanced medical systems in the world...


 2018-10-02  25m

episode 3: Here in Holland All Over The Place

Lots of funny stories about mishaps and misunderstandings in the podcast this time. The stories were recorded at the Expatica Fair in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

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 2018-10-18  26m

episode 4: Here in Holland Brexit Chaos

Brexit is fast approaching – what does it mean for the tens of thousands of Brits in the Netherlands?

 The truth is that it is chaos. In the podcast this time an interview with Sarah Parkes and Tricia Tarrant from the British in the Netherlands group. Facebook page

The group is part of British in Europe 

Also featured is British businessman Stephen Huyton from Thermopatch International...


 2018-11-05  28m

episode 5: Here in Holland Ripple of Love

We live in a selfish world and at the end of the year self-indulgence can switch into overdrive what with Christmas hols and New Year festivities.

Looking for a bit more out of life? This is the podcast you've been waiting for. Find out how by helping others you can help yourself...


 2018-12-06  17m

episode 6: Here in Holland The Monkey Comes Out Of The Sleeve

I’ve decided it’s time for a campaign to get the best Dutch proverbs and expressions translated literally into English and accepted in every day use. 

There are so many brilliant Dutch expressions and it is a crying shame they are not given the spotlight on the world stage they so richly deserve.

Nu komt de aap uit de mouw - now the monkey comes out of the sleeve is my favourite but there are loads more and a selection are featured in this podcast...


 2018-12-17  38m

episode 7: Here in Holland How to Become Dutch

This time in the Here in Holland podcast – how to become a Dutch citizen.

I sit down with immigration lawyer and Dutch citizenship expert Hermie de Voer and get the inside info on what it takes for internationals to get Dutch nationality.

 And we talk about the possibilities of having dual nationality too...


 2019-01-08  25m

episode 8: Here in Holland Living in the Netherlands Scores Out of Ten

Recorded at the Feel at Home Fair 2019 in the Hague this edition of the podcast has internationals rating their lives in the Netherlands out of 10.

There's lots of sharing of funny stories and experiences too.

If you want to share a story with Here in Holland you can record it via the Whats App number 06 124 28 387 - or see the links below to get in touch. 

The Feel at Home Fair is organised by the Hague Online...


 2019-02-04  30m

episode 9: Here in Holland Marathon Story

This time a story I made when I was working at Radio Netherlands in 1998 - it's a documentary I made about running the Rotterdam Marathon. The music is a bit over the top - but what the hell. I thought I would share here as more than 20 years on I have dusted off my running shoes.

If you want to share a story with Here in Holland you can record it via the Whats App number 06 124 28 387 - or see the links below to get in touch...


 2019-02-20  33m

episode 10: Here in Holland How Environmentally Friendly is the Netherlands?

This time an interview with Marjan Minnesma the director of Urgenda. The organization achieved international fame after taking the Dutch government to court and winning. The first case in 2015 was a landmark ruling with the court saying the government had a duty of care to tackle climate change an take it seriously. A reduction of 25% CO2 emissions by 2020 was the minimum requirement the court ruled...


 2019-03-08  36m
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