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episode 27: S02E27: Caryn Ruby - Kickin' a$$ at the most important job in film you've never heard of.

When we think of jobs in Hollywood behind the camera there's a standard list: Director, Producer, camera crew, casting, etc.  The truth is that there are hundreds of roles that are required to make the films and television we love - and most of them are ones we've never heard of.  One of those is Script Supervisor, and leading the charge to change the visibility and value assigned to this role is Caryn Ruby...



episode 26: S02E26: Kim Hamer - Helping us all help better when those around us are in need.

When someone within our circle is diagnosed with cancer it's a difficult experience for everyone.  Kim Hamer reminds people that "they're experiencing it too".  She leads from a strong place of empathy and experience.  Having lost her husband at a very young age to unexpected cancer she knows what it's like.  In this episode Kim talks about how she was frustrated with her mother in law until she realized "I lost a husband, but she lost a son"...



episode 25: S02E25: Limor Bergman - Helping women not just survive but thrive in "the boys club".

Limor Bergman managed to work her way to Director of Engineering despite all the odds being stacked against her as both a woman and an immigrant.  Along the way she learned a lot of lessons about "playing the game" and when not to play it.  Today she uses that hard-won knowledge to employer the next line of women in engineering.  Here's what she says:

Hi, I am Limor...



episode 24: S02E24: Danielle Orsino - The real-life Fairy Queen with attitude.

Think comic book geeks are all boys? Nope.  Think the ones that aren't are all chubby teenage girls? Nope.

Think people fantasy fans are all starry-eyed romantics who can't deal with reality? Nope.

Meet Danielle.  She breaks all the stereotypes.  Beautiful, smart, kind, and in every possible, amazing way - a massive NERD!  She's breathtaking...


 2022-07-11  1h2m

episode 23: S02E23: Alex Boylan - From the Amazing Race to the collegiate rat-race.

Any parent of a high schooler can tell you how overwhelming and stressful college selection is.  From trying to choose where to go, to what to study, and all of the test, essays, recommendations, and more that go into that application it is overwhelming.  Rising instances of depression, anxiety, and even suicide within adolescence have been linked to the increasingly competitive nature of college admissions...


 2022-06-27  56m

episode 22: S02E22: Athena Peters - Creator of worlds, histories, and leader of unicorns.

When you think of an up-and-coming C-suite exec in the technology sector you probably don't imagine a 5'2", 40-something LGBTQ+ woman with purple hair whose dress fashion is self-described as "pajama-chic".  You'd be wrong.  Athena Peters is a veteran creative leader in the gaming industry who has a star-studded career working on some of the biggest titles with the biggest studios in the industry...


 2022-06-26  59m

episode 21: S02E21: Patrick Falgoust - What the hell is a Product Manager anyway?

With the major investments in startups over the last couple of years a few roles have seen a huge increase in demand.  Many of those are in the "Product" area, so titles like Product Manager (PM), Product Marketing Manager (PMM), and their ilk have become hot hot hot in the market.  For many looking to grow their careers, or change into these paths there is a lot of confusion about what's what, and who's who...


 2022-05-31  57m

episode 20: S02E20: Tina Larsson - Saving money by getting back to basics.

Tina Larsson and her company, The Folson Group, are starting a thriving business solving modern problems for business and home owners in New  York City.  As so many areas are moving to more and more automation Tina has found that going back to a direct, personal approach not only improves the quality of service but can save thousands of dollars.  Taking the time to build business and make connections with people on a one-to-one basis still works...


 2022-05-23  53m

episode 19: S02E19: Bobby Hedglin-Taylor - From the circus to the bookshelf with love and laughter

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor is one of those people that brightens any room.  His anecdotes are so incredible that they would be difficult to believe from anyone less humble!  Circus, theater, television, books, you name it and Bobby's been involved!  While he never name drops it is clear he's been in some of the most incredible places with some amazing people...


 2022-05-16  54m

episode 18: S02E18: Lady Mekaella - Proving that smart, determined women can change anything... even repressive standards of beauty.

If you're a fan (even a casual one) of Lady Mekaella, you've seen a lot more of her than you have most of our other guests.  Her talents are varied, to say the least, including costume design, stilt walking, fire eating, dance, singing, and so so much more.  There is no way to see the vibrant and imaginative costumes she creates and not be clear of how exceptionally gifted she is as a seamstress...


 2022-05-09  1h4m