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episode 38: S02E38: Fran R Garton - A warrior who doesn't let pain control her life

Pain has no place in this world according to Fran. Not only is she a #1 bestselling author, speaker, Body-Positive Personal Trainer, Pain Reduction Coach and Fibromyalgia Warrior, she is the heroine in teaching others to live pain free. In this episode, Fran and Michele open up about the challenges that they have experienced living with constant pain, and it's various contributors. They talk about the important factors of our lifestyles that contributes to the pain that many of us experience...


 2022-12-26  1h1m

episode 37: S02E37: Ann Shafer - The print evangelist connecting people to the world of art

We think of fine art curators as caped heroes protecting the valuable art of millionaires, but in reality they are the guardians that keep people believing in art's greatness. Just like Ann, she uses her curator mastery, not only as a steward of fine art, but also as a champion to transform people into art lovers. In this episode, Ann draws from her art historian expertise to take us through the history of art and what has cultivated it into the unique masterpieces we see today...


 2022-12-19  1h4m

episode 36: S02E36 - Jessica Barclay - The mentor for creating a happy life

It's easy to groan about all the things that are wrong with our lives, but do we actually take a moment to figure out what is causing all the wrong things? We try to fill voids with things that we think we need but luckily we have Jessica, a lifestyle and organization mentor, who can confidently tell us less is more. In this episode Jessica, shares how her keen eye and diverse career path has helped her become the teacher others need to get their lives on track...


 2022-12-05  1h4m

episode 35: S02E35: Lindsay Tarnoff - The deliciously mad genius behind Laughing Gull Chocolates

There's not a lot that we take more seriously here at O&H Consulting than food - and chocolate is right up at the top of that list...


 2022-11-28  55m

episode 34: S02E34: Hannah Liddle - Virtual Assistant but real-life AWESOME

If the thought of having your own business scares you, don't worry, Hannah has your back. She may have some lack of confidence, but she made a daring choice to start her own Virtual Assistant business and is now a kickass VA coach specializing in supporting Mums and those who lack confidence, to set up their own, powerful Virtual Assistant business...


 2022-11-21  53m

episode 33: S02E33: Julie Moe - One Gutsy Mama Helping Others Take Control

Julie Moe is a dynamo.  She's cool AF.  She's smart AF.  She's funny.  She's kicking a$$ professionally, and as a mother.  In the midst of all of that she's helping other women take control of their lives and livelihoods.  In this episode Julie and Michele talk about websites - what works and what doesn't.  They talk about women in business and how to be heard.  They talk about trying to balance motherhood with professional drive...


 2022-11-07  53m

episode 32: S02E32: Dr. Amy Moore - A Personal Trainer for Growing Kids' Grey Matter!

For many people, the phrase "brain training" sparks thoughts of online games and apps, but Dr. Amy Moore provides the 1-on-1 human alternative for struggling learners. In this episode of Hey! I Want Your Job, she speaks with Michele about one of the most common concerns posed by parents of an excitable kiddo: "I think my child has ADHD. Now what?!" Armed with her extensive credentials and experience, along with an empathetic approach as an ADHD Warrior herself, Dr...


 2022-10-24  58m

episode 31: S02E31: Jamie Barlett - Cutting through Bull$shit to Create a Fairer Business World

Long-gone are the days when cash ruled the world. But many payment-processing companies still aren't set up to look out for the best interests of solo entrepreneurs or even small businesses. Jamie Barlett's company, Polypay, is out to make the system more accessible for businesses of all types and sizes. Meanwhile, she's working to improve the work-life balance for her own employees, ensuring fairness starts from the inside out...


 2022-10-10  57m

episode 30: S02E30: Kate Dunne - Making Short-Term Housing Feel Like Home

There are a lot of ways that this country lets down those who serve.  An often overlooked one is that we don't provide affordable, safe, and comfortable housing for them and their families when we ask them to relocate.  Often enlisted personnel - and their families - spend months waiting on housing to become available.  Kate Dunne and her employer, Patriot Family Homes, are trying to help...


 2022-09-26  51m

episode 29: S02E29: Jill Urbane - The Mentor Mom we all need in this moment.

There is no harder job than being a parent.  Add to that the conflicting societal stresses put on women about who they "should" be, and you get a real need for a mentor.  Everyone has their own thought, suggestions, and recommendations on how to raise your kid.  Most of this is based on either how they were raised themselves, a book they read, or how they raise their own children.  And 90%+++ is garbage...


 2022-09-12  1h0m