Hidden In The Shadows Podcast

A paranormal podcast that follows married couple Isaac and Megan as they dive into the shadows to uncover the bizarre, the down right creepy, and the unusual things that seem to lurk in the dark from the other side. Sharing their personal experiences with having abilities and an open discussion to uncover what’s really going on; beyond what’s considered normal. Join them weekly!! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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episode 27: Haunted Canada

This episode we dive deep into the haunted hot spots in Canada we cover a spot that has been converted into a restaurant now but once was a residence where a maid commited suicide and workers have said they still see her body, another spot that's nicknamed headless man's valley where back along time ago bodies were found completely headless with no explanation. We cover so many intense haunted hot spots in this location including a mansion that once housed a weird cult...



episode 26: Guest Episode With Christie From The Unknown Paranormal

Abilities & Paranormal Investigating



episode 25: January Encounter Stories

Haunted Homes, Hospital Chaplin Shares His Story Of Weird Occurances, A Haunted Location Turned Haunted Attraction, And Phantom Sounds



episode 24: Negative Attachments & Their Influence Part 2

What These Entities Look Like & What We're Came Across During Investigations



episode 23: Guest Episode With Mike From The Paranormal Roadtrippers

His Experience, Investigations He's Done, And More



episode 22: Negative Attachments & Their Influence Part 1

How They Influence



episode 21: Dolores Cannon Part 2

[The Three Waves Of Volunteers & New Earth]


 2023-01-03  51m

episode 20: Paranormal Games Part 2

The Midnight Man, Ouija Boards, One Man Musical Chairs & More


 2022-12-27  45m

episode 19: Haunted Mexico Part 2

Santa Paula Cemetery, Multiple Urban Legends, Aztec and Mayan Lore


 2022-12-13  55m

episode 18: Aliens Part 5: Area 51

In this episode we are diving back into our alien series and covering a spot notably known for alien activity and government conspiracy and that's Area 51. Located in Rachel, Nevada about 84 miles north west of Las Vegas lies a heavily guarded military base known as Area 51. Talk of government coverups and the capturing and containment of aliens and UFO's has been a thing for decades yet Area 51 was only recognized as existing back in 2013 due to declassified documents...


 2022-12-09  57m