Histories of the Unexpected

Histories of the Unexpected explores the past in ways that you never dreamt possible. Surely there’s nothing unexpected about the past? About History? Aha, well Histories of the Unexpected adopts a new approach to exploring our past. Gone is the traditional linear plotting of battles, monarchs and political movements. Histories of the Unexpected argues that everything has a history. Presented by Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell.


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Sam and James explore the extraordinary history of executions! It's all about judgement and seagulls - and obviously pirates and highwaymen, And cannibals. And fattening. And the law. And wheels and entrails. And encouragement. And speeches. And s...


 2019-08-21  35m

Green Room Podcast! The Beaminster Festival

Sam and James take time out from preparing their live show at Beaminster to visit the local museum and discuss their latest discoveries. Beaminster? Well it's all about pronunciation, community, witches, punishment and, of course...deer.


 2019-08-11  17m

The Cricket Interview: Vic Marks

Sam and James continue their Unexpected History of Cricket with an interview of Vic Marks, England and Somerset spin bowler, author, journalist and legend of the BBC Test Match Special commentary team. It's all about cowmen, photos, memory, langua...


 2019-08-05  36m


Sam and James discuss the unexpected history of the Nazis. They're all about, motherhood, shame, medals, public speaking, architecture and cars....who knew?


 2019-07-27  33m


Sam and James discuss the unexpected history of cricket! It's all about empire, sexism, national perceptions of history, slavery, violence and hurricanes...


 2019-07-17  37m

The Reformation

James and Sam explain why the Reformation - that schism in the Christian church in the sixteenth century that transformed the landscape of Europe - is actually all about fire, windows, bones and kissing!


 2019-07-08  34m

Green Room Podcast! Cambridge History Festival

James and I chat before our show at the Cambridge History Festival at the beautiful Wimpole Hall just outside of Cambridge. It's a beautiful country house built in the 1640s and it's all about...symmetry, ruins, yellow, windows, sitting down ...


 2019-07-02  15m


In this episode Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell talk about the unexpected history pirates, which is all about authors, cross-dressing, ferocious women, childhood memory, beards and empire.


 2019-06-28  38m

The Green Room Podcast! Crediton Arts Centre

James and Sam launch their first Green Room podcast! Unexpected historical thoughts as they travel around the country's theatres and arts centres with their Histories of the Unexpected show...this one's about shopping lists and the history of...


 2019-06-19  14m

The Tudors

Sam Willis and James Daybell explore the unexpected history of the Tudors! Is it all about Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn? Hampton Court and the Mary Rose? Well yes, but it's also all about monsters, toilets, oranges, mirrors, the gift, windows, hats, th...


 2019-06-14  34m