History in Five Songs with Martin Popoff

History in Five Songs with Martin Popoff is the show that aims to make grand and often oddball hard rock and heavy metal points through a narrative built upon the tiny idea of a quintet of songs. Buttressed with illustrative clips, Martin argues quickly and succinctly why these songs - and the specific sections of these tracks - support his mad professor premise, from the wobbly invention of an “American” heavy metal, to the influence of Led Zeppelin in hair metal or to more succinct topics like tapping and twin leads. The songs serve as bricks, but Martin slathers plenty of mortar. At the end, hopefully he has a sturdy house in which this week’s theory can reside unbothered by the elements. At approximately 7000, Martin has had published in books more record reviews than anybody in the history of music writing across all genres. Additionally, Martin has penned approximately 85 books on hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock and record collecting. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.


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Golden Era Quo Intros

In Episode 255, Martin finds inspiration in the opening riffs from Status Quo's "golden era" albums.



episode 254: Goofy Riffs

In Episode 254, Martin scoffs at 'sing songy,' goofy riffs that may undermine the band's 'seriousness' or lessen his taste for the band.



episode 253: Albums That Don't Deserve the Love

In Episode 253, Martin explores albums that bands' fanbase want to intellectualize into being good (even if they're maybe not).



episode 252: Joke About The Police

In Episode 252, Martin rebuts his friend's mockery of those people who think the Police are the best New Wave band ever (or if they're even truly New Wave)!



episode 251: Barely Written Songs

In Episode 251, Martin complains about 'lazy' songwriting and 'underwritten' songs.


 April 16, 2024  36m

episode 250: Their Future in One Song

In Episode 250, Martin ponders the question "when has a band 'found' their future sound in one song/album?"


 April 9, 2024  40m

episode 249: First Person Perspectives

In Episode 249, Martin pays homage to Black Sabbath's song "I" and explores some "self centered" songs.


 April 2, 2024  34m

episode 248: Metal History in First Verses

In Episode 248, Martin dissects the first verse of the first track of some seminal metal gods.


 March 26, 2024  36m

episode 247: Wrapping Up the Album

In Episode 247, Martin wonders aloud about the meaning and intent of instrumental tracks that wrap up albums.


 March 19, 2024  39m

episode 246: Covers on Debuts

In Episode 246, Martin explores the whys and hows of band who included cover songs on their debut album.


 March 12, 2024  37m