History Is Sexy

History is Sexy is a podcast presented by historian Dr Emma Southon and writer Janina Matthewson answering listener questions about history. What did the Romans do for us? Where did marrying for love come from? What was world war one all about? Find your answers, with added jokes, here. Produced and edited by Oliver Kealey. Theme music by Ketsa.


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Episode #17 - Have Children Really Never Had It So Good?

Join Emma and Janina as they dive into the depres…


 2018-09-13  1h15m

Episode #16 - How Did Britain Collapse When The Romans Left?

This week, Emma and Janina are joined by guest Ja…


 2018-08-30  1h24m

Episode # 15 - Quick Questions II

How did people wipe their bums a thousand years a…


 2018-08-16  1h21m

Episode #14 - Why Did Christianity "Win"?

This time, Dr Emma and Janina examine a question …


 2018-08-03  1h15m

Episode #13 - Did The Nazis Really Go Looking For The Lance of Longinus?

This week, Emma and Janina take a deep dive into …


 2018-07-19  57m

Episode #12 - Who Are Your Favourite Everyday Heroes?

Join Emma and Janina as they examine the stories …


 2018-07-05  1h7m

Episode #11 - Who Is The Most Powerful Person In History?

This week, Emma and Janina tackle a particularly …


 2018-06-21  1h17m

Episode #10 - How Has Music Changed Over History? - Feat. Dr Anna Scott!

This week, Emma and Janina are joined by our firs…


 2018-06-07  1h16m

Episode #9 - Quick Questions

Emma and Janina answer a whole bunch of questions…


 2018-05-24  1h30m

Episode #8 - Did Women Really Dress as Men to Join the Army?

Join Emma and Janina as they attempt to unravel o…


 2018-05-10  57m