History of Alchemy Podcast

A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.


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Episode 75: Robert Olsen and I Meet Again

Robert Olsen and I did an AMA together on reddit's /r/AskHistorians. The AMA was its own episode (Episode 20). It was great to pick the guy's brain and just chat alchemy after two years. And yes, this one is 2:40 mins long. We had a ton of fu...


 2016-02-09  2h50m

HoA: Andreas Libavius

Andreas Libavius brings us a step closer to modern chemistry—but still defended the possibility of transmutation.


 2016-01-19  51m

Inside the Secret Cabinet Podcast with der Buddler

What's it like being a history podcaster in Germany? Today we take a break from alchemy and celebrate the launch of the Secret Cabinet Podcast in English, and since I also do a podcast in German, we compare notes on the differences in German and E...


 2015-08-29  51m

The Illusion: Alchemy Reborn Through the Occult Revival

How did alchemy get to be where it is today?


 2015-08-15  26m

Episode 71: Interview with Tim Wilkerson, Author of Alchemy Astrology Handbook

Tim Wilkerson is author of the Alchemy Astrology Handbook, has a related blog, and even a calendar for helping out with alchemy. If you catch him in time, he'll be teaching herbal alchemy at the Midwest Herb Fest and School. Tim will also be spe...


 2015-08-12  32m

Episode 70 Distillation

Next time you enjoy that cocktail or drink at a bar, tip your imaginary hat to the alchemists of yore. This episode is the extended version of the History of Alchemy's segment of the History Podcasters' Network collage on alcohol.


 2015-08-04  30m

Pico della Mirandola

Pico della Mirandola with the patronage of the Medici helped bring in the Renaissance (if there is such a thing)


 2015-07-20  41m

Laszlo from the China History Podcast chats over Tea

Laszlo from the China History Podcast is temporarily in the Bay Area and swung by for tea. We had a chat about history and podcasts. The questions came from the HISTORY PODCASTS Facebook group. And Laszlo's excellent podcast is at http://chinahist...


 2015-06-14  30m

Johann Joachim Becher

Johann Joachim Becher formulated the Phlogiston theory of combustion, and it lasted over a century. He also transmuted gold out of the mud of the Danube.


 2015-05-28  36m

History in 5 Minutes Podcast Alchemy Interviews: Isaac Newton, al-Ghazali, Ge Hung

I gave three interviews for the History in 5 Minutes Podcast a while ago. In case you missed them, here they are! For more about that podcast: http://michaelrank.net/


 2015-05-24  42m