History of Alchemy Podcast

A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.


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 2015-05-07  25m

Johann Rudolf Glauber

The first chemical engineer


 2015-04-22  35m


I got the inside scoop on the Faust house in Wittenberg, but let's back up and go over the legend and also the oldest alchemical vessels found in Europe.


 2015-03-09  44m

Archimastry - Giovanni Panteo

Different alchemists had different definitions for archimy, but for Giovanni Panteo archimy was the metallurgical aspect of alchemy, while 


 2015-01-25  29m

Alchemy and the History of Science

The AskHistorians subreddit (as in a forum on reddit.com) has hundreds of historians you can ask any sort of question on history you want. It's a fantastic resource, and I'm proud to a be member over there (though I'm no historian). They...


 2015-01-17  1h13m

Cornelis Drebbel

Even in Golden Age of Alchemy, Cornelis Drebbel stands alone as a sort of Ben Franklin or Emmett Brown character. He created the first submarine, red dye, and was famous for him continuous mobile machines that landed him in the courts of the likes of J...


 2015-01-14  1h7m

Elizabeth I and Alchemy

Elizabeth I of England, the last of the Tudors, is more than an interesting footnote in the history of alchemy.


 2014-11-23  43m

Alchemists' Halloween Special

Just a few alchemists' Halloween ghost stories: and a few more here:on the History of Germany Podcast


 2014-10-26  31m

Richard and Isabella Ingalese

A fun legend of Alchemists from around the turn of the century in California.


 2014-10-18  23m


Philosopher's Stone, Elixir of Life, but also: Homunculus. Some alchemists were more after this than gold, and in some theories a homunculus can be used as a philosopher's stone.A homunculus is basically an artificial man. Hear to learn more:


 2014-10-12  48m