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A podcast on the history of Germans.




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053: Noah Tetzner on the History of Vikings

History of Vikings http://thehistoryofvikings.com/


 2018-07-26  1h13m

052: Castle Life through the Ages

From wooden palisades to opulent palaces that competed (specifically) with Versaille -- we talk a millennium of history and go through the daily lives, to the evolution of castles and the relationship with the surrounding land and people over time. F...


 2018-06-28  1h36m

051: From Swamp Castle to Emperor: Lothar III of Supplinburg

Lothar III and his marsh castle of Supplinburg was a one-emperor German dynasty. An interesting character himself, looking at his lifetime also allows us to summarize the Salien dynasty and foreshadow the (Hohen)Staufers a bit, like Keiser Barbarossa. ...


 2018-05-21  55m

American Innovations Podcast Promo

Hear the stories behind great discoveries and inventions! This is just a preview of the newest podcast from Wondery called American Innovations. You can hear the first 3 episodes right now by searching for American Innovations on Apple Podcasts or go t...


 2018-05-10  7m

Wondery Podcast Network: This is War

A snippet of our friends new project over at Wondery: This is War. First-hand accounts of veterans in combat zones.


 2018-03-13  19m

050: Prussian Authority: the Pickelhaube of the Captain of Köpenick - Heirlooms 2

That spiky Prussian helmet has become such a symbol of Germans that it is the actual sign for "German" in many sign languages. The story of the Captain of Köpenick embodies that sense of authority well and is one of our favorite stories. That...


 2018-02-20  54m

049: The Speyer Cathedral - Heirlooms 1

The largest romanesque cathedral in christendom was also the imperial crypt for he salian dynasty. The Speyer Dom has had quite the history since it's construction in the 12th century!


 2018-02-05  48m

048: Salians III: Henry V and the Concordat of Worms

The Investiture Controversy and Salian Dynasty come to an end. Henry V had to navigate civil war and politics with Rome.


 2018-01-15  1h1m

American History Tellers Introduction

We think you might enjoy the American History Tellers podcast and here is a sample.


 2018-01-03  17m

047: Salians II: Henry IV and the Walk to Canossa

One of the highest points of the investiture controversy was marked with the wearing of a hair shirt on a walk to Canossa by an emperor was was to be excommunicated 3 times. The 2nd part of the Salian Dynasty miniseries takes a look at Henry IV and ...


 2018-01-01  1h8m