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015: German Beer Purity Law

For your beer to be what it is you have a lot to thank for the 600 year old Deutsches Bierreinheitsgebot. A.k.a the German Beer Purity Law.


 2015-03-09  24m

014: History of Antisemitism in Germany

How the persecution of Jews has changed over history in Germany.


 2015-02-10  53m

013: Martin Luther and His 95 Thesis

This is from an interview with Der Buddler from the German archeological podcast Angegraben... except translated into English. October 31st Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. Or did he?


 2015-01-14  30m

012: Celts IV: Celts and Romans

Fourth and last episode on my miniseries of the Celts: La Tene meet Romans: The end of the continental Celts.


 2014-12-06  1h2m

011: Halloween Special

Stories from my ghost tour days.


 2014-10-26  20m

010: Celts III: Hallstatt and Proto-Celts

Third episode on my miniseries of the Celts: Iron Age Celts up to Roman sources.


 2014-10-18  36m

009: Celts II: Urnfield Culture

  Second episode on my miniseries of the Celts: Life in Bronze Age Germany.


 2014-10-07  39m

008: Celts I: The Prequel

First episode on my miniseries of the Celts: Where did the Celts come from?


 2014-09-30  33m

007: Sky Disk of Nebra: from an Interview with Der Buddler

I did a pilgrimage to Wittenberg, but not because of Martin Luther, instead to meet the Buddler, the host of Angegraben (German Podcast) and das Geheime Kabinett (aslo a German podcast), to learn more of the Sky Disk of Nebra. Anyway, the Sky Disk of ...


 2014-09-20  33m

006: Ötzi

Ötzi the Iceman from 3300 BCE


 2014-08-30  20m