History Of The Great War

History of the Great War is a weekly podcast that will cover the First World War that occurred from 1914 and 1918. Every week we will be discussing the events that occurred exactly 100 years ago. We will journey from the borders of France in the blistering heat of 1914, to the shores of Gallipoli, to the banks of Somme, to the final knockout attempt by the German army in the spring of 1918.


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 2021-09-26  48m

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 2021-08-14  47m

Intelligent Speech 2021

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 2021-03-01  1m

 2021-02-28  24m

Patreon Episode 41: French Military Tactics Pt. 1

This is an episode originally released on Patreon. Thank you for listening over the years.


 2021-02-27  26m