History of the Papacy Podcast

This show will detail the biographies and interesting facts of the Papacy of Rome. It will start in the beginning, but will not go straight through to the present day. There will be many side tracks and detours along the way.


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Sidetrack Episode 3: Pope Dionysius of Alexandria

This is the third of our Sidetrack Episodes. In this Sidetrack we look at a Pope who was not a Pope of Rome, but instead a Pope of Alexandria. Dionysius was the Bishop of Alexandria, then as today they are known as Pope. Dionysius of Alexandria was inv...


 2013-10-19  23m

Episode 22: The Ante-Nicene Popes Part 3

At long last, we're back with Episode 23: The Ante-Nicene Popes Part 3. In this episode we will start sifting through the mess left over at the end of the Persecution of Decius. A mess is the only way to describe it, we have politics, personal dis...


 2013-10-14  41m

Sidetrack Episode 2: Excommunication

In this Sidetrack Episode, we will take a look at the issue of excommunication and the importance of excommunication to the early Christian movement. We will take a look at how one can become excommunicated and the ways someone can get back into commun...


 2013-09-22  18m

Episode 21: Ante-Nicene Popes Part 2

The second part of our tour of the popes before the Council of Nicaea will start in a fairly stable situation where Christianity was largely tolerated, but we will quickly move into the first formal, centralized persecution of the Christian Church. The...


 2013-09-15  45m

Sidetrack Episode 1: Irenaeus of Lyon

This is the first of a new series called "Sidetrack Episodes." These episodes will investigate some issues, ideas and personalities around the history of the Roman Popes, but don't exactly fit into the narrative of the main episodes. In ...


 2013-09-07  20m

Episode 20: Formation of the Biblical Canon with Dr. Robert M. Price

In this special episode, we will take a look at the formation and development of the biblical canon. Why were certain documents accepted as canonical and others tossed out? This will be a wide ranging discussion with New Testament scholar Dr. Robert M....


 2013-09-02  1h11m

Episode 19: Gnosticism Part 2 - Sacred Literature and Groups

In the previous episode, we discussed some of the beliefs of the Gnostics. Now we will talk about the documents various Gnostic groups used as their scared literature, along with the characteristics of these groups. We will also discuss the Marcionites...


 2013-08-18  54m

Episode 18: Gnostic Belief and Practice

What is a Gnostic and Gnosticism? In this episode we'll discuss the beliefs and practices of the group of early Christians who may have referred to themselves as Spirituals, but we know as Gnostics. This group of early Christians shared many rites...


 2013-08-01  43m

Episode 17: The Ante-Nicene Popes Part 1

In this episode we will take a look at the story of the first popes before the First Council of Nicaea in 325. This was a period of growth and controversy for the early Christian movement. From the beginning, the Popes of Rome were central figures in t...


 2013-07-22  45m

Episode 16: The Avignon Papacy Special Part 1

The Avignon papacy was an extremely difficult time for the Roman Catholic Church and Western Europe. This is the time when the Bishop of Rome picked up and moved the entire operation to Avignon in the south of France. The period of the Avignon Papacy h...


 2013-07-12  49m