Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin

A Photography Podcast for the Urban Photographer


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136: Small Town Street Photography with David Julian

In this episode of Hit the Streets, Valérie teams up with David Julian to discuss the many advantages of doing street photography in small towns.


 2019-05-16  50m

135: Shoot With A Local with Wendy de Boer

This week on Hit The Streets Valérie invites Dutch flight attendant and passionate photographer Wendy de Boer to talk about her on going project 'Shoot With A Local' and so much more!


 2019-05-02  46m

134: Blindsight with Bob Sacha

This week, Valérie shares a conversation with NYC award-winning photographer, documentary film maker and teacher Bob Sacha. They discuss his experience filming BlindSight, a short documentary film that examines the photographic imagination of the...


 2019-04-18  35m

133: Q&A and Photo Challenge

In this new QA episode, Valerie invites the founder of the 24h project, Renzo Grande, to co-host with her. Together they answer a questions about showing your street photography to a traditional photo club and capturing silhouettes in a high contrast...


 2019-04-04  38m

132: Case Study 6: Making the Jump with Ryan Katsanes

In this new case study episode, Valerie invites Ryan Katsanes to share his experience as he made the jump to become a full time photographer after losing his job several months ago.


 2019-03-28  40m

131: From Still to Motion with Eduardo Angel

In this episode of Hit The Streets, Valérie talks with award winning photographer and filmmaker Eduardo Angel about the skills necessary to go from still to motion.


 2019-03-21  46m

130: Best Travel Hacks with Jared Kamrowski

The Thrifty Traveler, AKA Jared Kamrowski is back on the show to share some new travel tips to help us save money on our next travel adventure!


 2019-03-14  39m

129: Psychology for Photographers with Jenika McDavitt

This week Valerie talks with the founder of Psychology For Photographers, Jenika McDavitt, about Living Your Passion.


 2019-03-07  37m

128: There's Always a Way with Matteo Troncone

This week David Julian sits in for Valerie and interviews photographer and filmmaker Matteo Troncone


 2019-02-28  49m

127: Q&A and Photo Challenge

This week is a new Q&A and photo challenge and Valerie invited California based French photographer Antoine Didienne to co-host this week. Together they answer an interesting question about whether or not you can do your best work photographing a...


 2019-02-21  45m