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Hit The Streets 04: Q&A and Photo Chalenge

This is the first Q&A and Photo Challenge episode on Hit the Streets with Valerie Jardin. This week my guest co-host this week is Matt Hart from the UK. Together we answer questions about getting close-in shots on the streets, taking care of your...


 2016-10-13  45m

03: Finding Your Artistic Voice With Karen Hutton

If you've ever wanted to make your photography more YOU... You will love this conversation with my dear friend Karen Hutton about finding your artistic voice.


 2016-10-06  34m

02 Photo Faves with Levi Sim

Photo Faves with Levi Sim


 2016-09-29  30m

01 Photographic Midlife Crisis with Bert Stephani

Belgian photographer Bert Stephani talks about his photographic midlife crisis and the steps he is taking to get over it. 


 2016-09-18  43m