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“The American Kaiju” Devin Sparks & “El Numero Uno” Mike Camden aka The Hogsmen talking about pro wrestling and whatever else happens to be going on at the time.


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Hogscast OG Episode 64- It gets deep folks

-Mikes Mortal Kombat review

 -NPA's Hand Injury

 -WWE Releases 

-Chris Weidmans Leg Injury 

-Answering listener Questions (It gets deep folks) 

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 2021-04-28  1h46m

Last Word With Big Duke- Episode 8

This week Duke and Adam chat about their grievances with their baseball teams, NFL draft talk, Dukes landscaping goals and so much more! Tune into next week as Duke and Adam talk about the nfl draft as it happens!


 2021-04-23  49m

Hogscast OG Episode 63- Its Dark and The Pod is Hot

WE ARE BACK!! El Numero Uno Returns this week for a new episode of the OG Pod!

-Mikes injury from a few weeks back and what it was like working through it.

-NPA's trip To Tampa

-Bad Bunny

-DMX Passed away

-So Much more..

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 2021-04-21  1h37m

The Last Word With Big Duke Episode 7- Chris Terry

This week Duke and Adam are joined by Dukes former tag partner and frequent Hogsmen Pod guest Chris Terry! Hear the former tag partners talk about how they came to be a team, Marvel movies, trading cards and Wrestlemania. 

So much more but you will have to tune in to find out!  

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 2021-04-16  1h38m

The Last Word With Big Duke Episode 6- Tony Cicatelli "We don't bury Devin in this episode"

This week Duke and Adam are joined by Dukes friend Tony, as they chat it up about their favorite sports teams, best stadium in the MLB, bandwagon fans, the chargers breaking Tony's heart for the last time, the NFL draft and so much more! Next episode will feature Dukes old tag partner Chris Terry, who some of you have heard on previous Hogsmen Pod episodes!  Tune in when the new episodes drop each and every Friday!


 2021-04-09  1h11m

Last Word With Big Duke Episode 5- Angelo Trinidad

This week, Duke and NPA are Joined by ring announcer extraordinaire Angelo Trinidad...


 2021-04-02  1h14m

Hogscast OG Episode 62- Bones

This week Mike and NPA are joined by Bones ahead of this weekends slate of shows at the Level Up School

-Bones beginnings in wrestling and how he got involved

- Involving Cannabis in Pro Wrestling and some of the difficulties involving running shows around it

-Running down the cards for the 3 shows at the Level Up School this weekend

-Is Mike an aisle or window guy when he Flies?? 

And Much more! 

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 2021-03-31  1h11m

Last Word With Big Duke- Yuma Part 2

This week in the second part of our interview with Yuma, we talk about: 

-How the last year has been for him with Covid and Wrestling

  -Yuma tells a scary border story 

-Yuma's Top 5 Fav fast food places including sharing a controversial take regarding raising canes

 - Listener Question -And more!  

Thanks for listening! 

Thanks to Yuma for Coming On!

 Next week we will have special guest Angelo Trinidad on...


 2021-03-26  39m

Episode 9- This episode is Presented in Audio/Video Format to preserve the integrity of Devin Sparks Creative vision

Devin is back with Special Guest Hunter Freeman 

-Devin catches up with Hunter about a recent injury, commentating on the level up shows, Mike wrestling in basketball shorts and more

 -Devin and NPA Talk about the Justice League Snyder Cut at the very end so feel free to skip that if you have not seen it yet!  

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 2021-03-25  1h9m

Hogscast OG Episode 61- The CamdenCut

El Numero Uno is back with a brand new episode of the Hogscast OG, the longest running Hogsmen Podcast:

-Justice League Snydercut talk (Spoilers)

-Mike has a lot of wrestling coming up! 

-Fastlane talk

-Andrade Released

-Listener Questions! 

-Taking critiques from trainers 

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 2021-03-24  1h16m