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Smart Home podcast by Scott and Megan Shay, real estate pros in the Seattle area.





      Join us as we @ Coasting Home Magazine explore the huge construction project on Seattle waterfront and the beautiful town (and tasty seafood) of Coupeville and Penn Cove on Whidbey Island. Plus, get the scoop on where to find the good whiskey and beer on Bainbridge Island.
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       2018-02-11  23m

      Moving On

      Thanks for listening! We’re shifting gears to our next adventure: Coasting Home Magazine. Learn more about what we’re up to this year, from articles to podcasts, videos, and more.
      Megan & Scott


       2018-01-26  21m

      A New Leaf

      Welcome to Episode 85 of Home Automation Nation!
      Reuniting lost loves Google and Nest, Megan has her birthday wish come true, and more hubs that control them all. Plus, a little bit about what’s next for us at Home Automation Nation.
      Episode Articles & Links:

      * Where are people really getting their smart home devices? (Home Theater Review)
      * Google & Nest, together again? (TheVerge)
      * Google Home: making your smart devices play ...


       2017-12-12  22m

      There’s No Going HomePod for the Holidays

      Black Friday 2017 was all about Amazon and smart home gizmos, the new gadget that smartens up your dumb old security system, and more.


       2017-11-29  20m

      Dark Side of the Moon

      The creepy/cool new Moon security camera that does everything, Logitech is getting into a brick house, Alexa's new routines, and more.


       2017-11-14  27m

      Fear the Reaper

      Welcome to Episode 82 of Home Automation Nation!
      We will try not to scare you with our annual security edition. Also, Amazon is trick or treating inside your house and a couple of Echo Show imitators that may or may not exist in this scary Halloween episode.
      Episode Articles & Links:

      * The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act attempts to do SOMETHING about IoT security (InternetofThingsAgenda)
      * On the one-year anniversary of the Mirai botnet, we celebrate...


       2017-10-31  31m

      Spooky Times

      The growth of smart home speakers may be the death knell for traditional audio, Google Home Mini is announced and already spying, spooky smart home Halloween tricks, surveys galore and more.


       2017-10-18  24m

      The Echo Show. Again.

      And you thought we couldn't talk about Amazon Alexa/Echo anymore?! Google tries to get to the show, and LG is playing both sides of the appliances.


       2017-10-04  31m

      “Alexa, Add Big Hairy ___ to My Shopping List”

      Welcome to Episode 79 of Home Automation Nation!
      South Park season premier wreaks havoc with Alexa and Google  Home, the new iPhone will save the world, and more.
      Episode Articles & Links:

      * Apple users: is the iPhone X the smart home savior for you? (Twice)
      * Sprint & Vivint team up to put Vivint products in Sprints brick & mortar stores (DigitalTrends)
      * Smart light switch maker Deako raises a $2.1M round of funding, looks to expand across ...


       2017-09-19  25m

      Tag Team Smackdown

      Smart home frenemies, why we should always be a little paranoid, and more.


       2017-09-05  29m