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Expect discussions about strange and amusing occurrences in movies but do not expect intelligent reviews because we're rarely ever right. Except for when it comes to Amityville. We know everything about every Amityville ever made and we've never been wrong about anything that has relevance to the house or story of Amityville. -Probably a drunk.


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#143 The Conjuring ISN'T an Amityville Movie with Kim Wilson

Nah you see... This is on EVERY Amityville movie list but I'm here to tell you that this is 100% not an Amityville or deserving of being called one. But whatever. Shoutout Ed and Lorraine Warren...



I'll Suck Your Blood - Underworld (2003)

Hey. You see that? I know you do because it's a video on Spotify. Pretty neat isn't it? 

Movie wise: it exists. Congratulations starring Kate Beckinsale from the cult classic movie Click. You suck Peter Brolly.

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#142 Mirrors (2008) with Bodacious Bri

Special guest who happens to be the founder of Horror Soup on today's  episode. She also picked it. This was originally going to release in about 3 weeks but it  happens that we discussed Betty White for a while and were sad to learn  that she passed the morning after, and only two weeks before the big  100. This one is for you, Betty. You'll be remembered for generations to  come! Stay Golden, Girl.

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#141 The Happening (2008) with my Brother Jedd


The audience of Horror Soup is obsessed with things like Amityville, and it seems to be extending out to M Night Shyamalan. Today is the day that we discuss trees and a light breeze. What a time to be alive. Mark Wahlberg. Zooey Deschanel. Abigail Breslin's brother. Wow. What a time.

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#140 Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) with James from Nite Shift Video

This movie has been following us around for months now and Jacob Gonzalez decided that it was time for us to meet the one true hobo... with a shotgun. We also discuss treevenge because Merry Christmas.

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 2021-12-20  1h53m

#139 I Know Who Killed Me (2007) with Bodacious Bri and Niah

Lindsay Lohan is a one legged stripper and her dad is Damien Darhk from the Arrow. The story is out of order, the acting is awful, and the eople involved were blacklisted from Hollywood because of what a terrible failure this was.

It won awards...

For failing.

I still don't know who "killed her".

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 2021-12-13  1h41m

#138 Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) with James from Nite Shift Video

Paris Hilton removes her face, Anthony Head is bad Gyles, and Bill Mosely is creating holes for his own amusement. Did we mention singing? There's a lot of singing...


 2021-12-06  1h20m

#137 Signs (2002) with James from Nite Shift Video

Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix have the same father and Mel Gibson gave birth to Abigail Breslin and Rory Caulkin. Did we mention that aliens are scared of the thing we have most of on planet earth and they have poison wrist tubes? Pretty crazy. Seems like some kind of a "sign"?

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 2021-11-29  1h47m

#136 Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) with James from Nite Shift Video

Sam Hell embarks on a journey to impregnate as many women as humanly possible amidst a post-apocalyptic world. Chasity belts and frogs are on today's me menu. Ribbit. 

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 2021-11-22  1h59m

#135 The Amityville Asylum (2013) with Kim Wilson

This is the best episode ever and I won't argue that. Amityville sucks.

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