The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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Sometimes, there's just too much good work to feature on HowSound. To solve the problem, from time to time I feature a slew of ear-catching clips on one episode. On this episode, work from Believed, 99% Invisible, This American Life, and Threshold.


 2019-04-16  17m

How Sruthi Tracks

At a school where I taught radio, in the mic booth, there was a photo of Studs Terkel hanging on the wall. Under it, someone wrote “Talk to Studs.” The picture was there to help with tracking. Narration will sound more conversational if you pretend you...


 2019-04-02  15m

An Editor’s Fingerprints

Since 2009, Julia Barton's edited a lot of radio and podcasts you probably listen to including Revisionist History. On this HowSound, Julia talks shop about her approach to editing.


 2019-03-19  20m

All The Sound We Can Not Hear

Jeff Emtmen pulled an audio slight of hand in an episode of Hear Be Monsters about Mexican free-tail bats. It's a delight to listen to. To understand Jeff's magic, Rob offers a primer on sound and hearing.


 2019-03-05  12m

Two From The Road In Nashville

Up now on HowSound, two examples of how students at our week-long Traveling Workshops work hard to get their stories right.


 2019-02-19  22m

A Sonic Conjuring

On this episode, a fascinating minute of audio - the sound of war and peace reconstructed from the exact end of World War I. Even more fascinating, the producers - Will Worsley and Sam Britton - conjured the sound using audio shadows captured on film.


 2019-02-05  11m

Twitter Vox

Back in September, Barrie Hardymon and Dana Cronin produced a short, sharp, shock of a story. One that featured tweets recorded by listeners including a tweet that had to be approved by NPR legal before broadcast.


 2019-01-22  11m

Taking Control Of The Music

Jim Briggs and Fernando Arruda compose music for stories at Reveal. HowSound's Rob Rosenthal talks with them about the way they think about music and scoring. We think you’ll find it instructive, even if your music comes from a library.


 2019-01-08  21m

Your Skull Is An Ear

Up now on HowSound, a recent doc from BBC 3 called "Right Between the Ears" features ear-catching sound design and reveals how ears aren't the only part of the body involved in hearing.


 2018-12-26  15m

Making Sense Of A Pile Of Tape

A pile of tape just might be a treasure trove of radio gold. But how do you go manage it? Bianca Giaever has answers and a touching documentary called “Two Years with Franz” produced with Jay Allison here at Transom.


 2018-12-11  20m